Top 10 Best DJ Controllers in Reviews

Mixing music is so technical. And to do it right, you need to ensure that each instrument or equipment used in the mixing offers exceptional sound. Because DJ controllers play a crucial role in the mixing of the music of any kind, you must select your DJ controller very well. Typical DJ controllers include the knobs, faders, jog wheels, encoders, and backlit buttons, touch strips, etc. So, what’re some of the best DJ controllers to purchase in the market? We’ll get an answer to that question in a moment.

Now, the market is filled with a wide range of DJ controllers, and deciding on the best out of the tons can be overwhelming, whether you’re a newbie or a pro. We took the bull by the horns and researched the best controllers in the market. And today, we’ve narrowed down and presented you with the top 10 best DJ controllers in reviews. Ensure to check them out!

#10. Novation 8 x 8 Grid 64 RGB Backlit Pads Launched Pad Ableton Live Controller

If you are looking for a more lightweight DJ controller, then this brand from Novation is the best choice in the market. With only a weight of 1.28 pounds, you can easily carry this controller from one entertainment area to another. This unit has colorful pads from the USB power makes it more entertaining to play your videos over the stage. You can also use these pads to create entire songs or launch clips, but you can also use them to control your mixer. The Launchpad arcade allows you to play music Launchpad’s familiar clip-based user interface. Also, it comes with a quick setup guide that enables you to perform light shows and tracks.

What We Like

  • Doesn’t require any installation hardware thus easy to setup
  • No need for power sockets since it is powered by USB bus
  • You can easily use the grid to play any drums and samples
  • Has a compact design thus occupies less storage space

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is only limited to four colors

#9. Numark 2 Channels Built-in Audio Interface Light Display Beginner DJ Controller

You can now take your party to the next level and amaze your friends with the Numark DJ controller. You are assured of an easy connection because you can connect it to your PC or Mac and play your favorite music. With the three-room- filing LED light arrays, your show will be lit all through, making your party mates enjoy every bit of the show. This gives your room colorful light patterns for a more entertaining music party. You can connect it to audio recorders, mixers, powered speakers, and many more because it comes with a pro-grade user interface, onboard, headphone output, and a primary output.

What We Like

  • Ideal for plug and play connection for a hassle-free integration
  • Only weighs 1.76 pounds thus can be transported easily
  • Has four pad modes that make it easier to control it
  • Designed from high-grade materials that last longer

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for professional DJ controller

#8. Hercules DJ 2 Channel USB Controller DJControl Inpulse 300 w/Full DJ Software

Are you looking forward to mixing your music like an expert? Then all you need is the Hercules DJ controller. This item is equipped with light guides that help you learn how to mix a variety of music. These light guides can be switched off when you thoroughly learn and can mix like a professional. You can also adjust the BPM of each music track by following the tempo arrows. You can activate the Intelligent Music Assistant (IMA) to get the best and ideal music suggestions. The energy function allows you to control your part’s atmosphere because you can turn from blue to red to pick the most appropriate mixing track.

What We Like

  • The Beat align arrows allows you to synchronize your tracks
  • Has 16 different pads, modes and effects for an effective control
  • Equipped with light guides thus ideal for beginners
  • Made of high-quality, durable plastic materials

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit heavier compared to Numark model

#7. Numark 2 Deck Mixtrack Pro FX Capacitive Touch Jog Wheels DJ Controller

Seventh on our list is this spacious and modern looking DJ controller brand from Numark. This appliance has large 6-inch capacitive-touch jog wheels that enable you to beat and scratch, perform cue placement, and perform many other activities. It is well designed to ensure that you can easily connect it to most DJ equipment such as crossfader, microphone input, DJ speakers, and headphone output, and so on. With only a weight of 6.69 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight. Moreover, you can browse all the fresh underground sounds and certified classics in the Serato DJ lite from effective providers such as TIDAL.

What We Like

  • You can easily blend and mix songs with the Auto loop mix track pro
  • The rugged grooves allow you to nudge your mix in an ideal way
  • Made sturdy to ensure steady and stable mixing operations
  • Allows for easier connection through the USB plugs

What We Didn’t Like

  • No cons so far

#6. Roland DJ-202 Compact & Rugged Black 2-Channel Four-Deck w/Serato DJ Pro

Roland DJ controller is equipped with a wide range of features to enable you to meet all your mixing needs. This four-deck controlled can be easily powered through the USB for uninterruptible mixing operations. The TR drum machines have defined sounds for most modern music, such as hip-hop and techno music. You can easily create rhythm tracks of the same sound pallet since it is equipped with patented Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. It produces a wide range of TR sounds such as an open hat, rim, bass drum, closed hat, clap, snare drum, and many more. Additionally, the low patency and large platters allow you to mix your music with more confidence.

What We Like

  • The Serato DJ controls allow you to create and trigger loops
  • Made lightweight making it more convenient for transport
  • Has handles that makes it easier to move it around
  • Saves you on storage space with a compact design

What We Didn’t Like

  • It lacks a booth output

#5. Denon DJ 24-bit/ 48 kHz DJ MC4000 Premium 2-Channel DJ Controller w/Serato DJ Lite

When it comes to a high-quality DJ controller, no brand can outshine this model from Denon DJ. Its chassis is Constructed from high-grade steel components that are well known for their strength and durability. The intuitive control layout and long-throw 100mm pitch faders allow you to operate this in a more natural manner. Furthermore, the balanced booth outputs feed the program signal to the monitor speakers near the DJ. This unit only weighs 8.95 pounds, making it easier to transport it from one entertainment area to another. A serato DJ lite is included to allow you to customize your performance to meet all your needs.

What We Like

  • Ensures accurate scratching with the touch-activated jog wheels
  • The 24bit playback provides an ideal and best sound quality
  • Comes with a well-instructed manual for easier installation
  • Has a compact metal body to save you on storage space

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Serato doesn’t work on android devices

#4. Native Instruments Touch Sensitive Knobs Smart Strip Machine Mk3 Drum Controller

Our current generation requires well-played music and beats, and this is done with the Native instruments DJ controller. You can easily slice samples, edit any project, and mix various songs because it is equipped with two high-resolution color screens. It features more dedicated function buttons and a four-directional push encoder that helps you stay in a more creative space to enjoy your music. The Maschine’s smart strip can be used as a pitch wheel for bending songs or can be used for strumming various sounds like a guitar. With a 24-bit user interface, you can easily play, record, or mix your music anywhere.

What We Like

  • Has 16 ultra-responsive pads that make it more enjoyable playing music
  • Ensures a total and efficient control with the USB-powered hardware
  • The variation engine helps you to generate new melodies
  • Only weighs 4.85 pounds making it easier to carry around

What We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with a midi controller

#3. Numark NV II Four Deck w/Dual High Resolution Displays DJ Controller for Serato DJ

Everything you need to mix your music in the best manner is all featured in the Numark DJ controller. This unit has four decks that allow you to mix your music as you desire to meet all your needs. With one click on the deck, you can easily switch from deck one to four. You can easily monitor your performance with the inbuilt screens. The TOOLROOM remix package of professional-grade systems enables you to create endless burgers to play your favorite music. You can mix your music and also for scratching and blending music with the dual 5-inch metal platters and various scratch modes. With the 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads, you can easily control this unit.

What We Like

  • Serato DJ Pro software is reliable and delivers incredible results
  • Ensures efficient performance with the backlit RGB feedback
  • Has high resolution displays to allow you to focus on DJ set
  • The gridlines on the screen enable you to beat match

What We Didn’t Like

  • You’ve to set it in a certain and specific manner

#2. Pioneer Multi-Colored Tactile Pad Portable DJ DDJ-SR2 2 Channel Controller for Serato DJ

If you are looking for a DJ controller that can accommodate both beginners and experts, this brand from Pioneer DJ is a great pick. It is equipped with a series of buttons that enable you to switch between keys to play without changing your tempo. You can trigger hot cues, sampler, and roll features using the multicolored tactile performance pads. These pads change their colors to inform you of the selected playing status and pad mode. Furthermore, it is equipped with a larger jog wheel, which allows you to scratch more responsively and accurately. With the channel faders, EQs and trims, you can easily control audio from media players or external turntables.

What We Like

  • The dual-level meter allows you to see the channel levels
  • Ensures fast and intuitive searches with needle search
  • Has a lightweight design making it easier to carry around
  • With the well-designed grab handles, you can transport it easily

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit complex compared to the other models

#1. Denon DJ Prime 2 Standalone Smart DJ Console w/2 Deck Wi-Fi Streaming & 7 Inch HD Screen

And crown the winner in our list is a professional and reputable standalone DJ controller by Denon. It’s engineered for event and club DJ. An Engine operating system runs this 2-deck controller, and it is Wi-Fi enabled for live streaming of music without the need for a laptop. Indeed, this is a futuristic device that embraces the latest technology. It has a 7-inch multi-touch, extensive media source connectivity, multi-gesture screen, and 6-inch jog wheels. Plus FX, creative workflow, and expressive EQ. There is no doubt; PRIME 2 is your essential portable DJ workhorse.

What We Like

  • Enables you to stream music wirelessly anywhere
  • The pristine audio has a powerful connectivity
  • Allows you to touch and feel your music
  • It is super-powerful and easy to operate

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s pricier

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best DJ Controller

Software Platform

Even though most DJ controllers are MIDI-assignable and thus make it customizable, they’ve usually manufactured with software-dependent features in mind. For instance, a DJ controller with an onboard screen can display the waveforms of the track you’re playing. However, such displays can only work perfectly when the appropriate software used. If you’re using the DJ controller for the first time, be sure to purchase the one that will be compatible with the software that you wish to use.

Types of Gigs

The next factor you should Consider is the type of gigs you may want to mix with your controller. This is very important because you’ll not waste your money by buying the wrong unit. For example, if you’re an expert club DJ or operate a mobile DJing business, you should be willing to invest in equipment that is sturdy and easy to move. On the other hand, if you an enthusiast or a scratch DJ, the best jog wheels and easy crossfader are your priority.

Connectivity & Ports

If you want to ensure that the sound output gets to where it should go, you should pay close attention to the connectivity options. You should be able to answer questions like; Is your master output needed to deliver to the set of powered speakers? Will you connect to the club public address system? Do you require a booth output? All these things ought to be factored in when deciding on a controller.


After considering all the above factors, it’s time to settle with a model that meets your budget needs. The amount of money that you’ll spend on these devices depends on whether you’re purchasing it for business or hobby. We’ve offered you great price options from the controllers above; you wouldn’t miss your suit.


With the fact that there’re a lot of different DJ controllers in the market, these choices are absolutely the top 10 ranked options in the market today. We hope that this guide has been of great help in guiding you towards buying the best of the best DJ controller. If you’ve any queries concerning the devices that we’ve reviewed, feel free to leave a comment in the below section. And with all this information in mind, you can now purchase the best DJ controllers like never before. Enjoy your shopping!

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