Top 10 Best Home Gyms in Reviews

Although visiting a local gym can enable you to attain your fitness goals, it’s usually expensive at long last. That’s why purchasing a home gym is preferable and viable. Such a unit can offer multiple exercise routines in the comfort of your home. Even though its initial cost is high, maintenance cost is always on the lower end. Aside from that, all your family members can use this unit to achieve their fitness goals. As if that’s not enough, your home gym will save you a lot of traveling and waiting time. Even better, it will allow you to exercise in a very hygienic environment.

There’re hundreds of brands and models of home gyms present currently in the market. And because of that, choosing the best of the best model is an arduous task. However, we’ve done the homework for you. Upon completing our research on these units, we present to you some of the top 10 best home gyms in reviews. Without further ado, let’s jump into the list.

#10. FITINDEX Suspension Training Straps Fitness Resistance Trainer for Indoor/Outdoor

Are you in dire need of the best exercise equipment in your home? Don’t chance, go for FITINDEX bodyweight resistance trainer kit. This kit can burn fat, build muscle, improve flexibility, and increase endurance. Instead of shelling more from your pocket going to the nearby gym, this kit will offer you all the exercise requirements at the comfort of your home. Also, it features a versatile anchor design that allows you to fit them to a door, tree, bar, horizontal bar, or any other safe object. You can begin working out instantly, even in your backyard. Moreover, the trainer kit has an anchor, two non-slip handles, two zinc hoist buckles, and two main resistance straps that ensure your safety is guaranteed. What’s more, it’s easy to operate.


  • Comes with bonus resistance loop bands & storage bag
  • Constructed with high-quality, durable materials
  • The fitness resistance trainer is easy to use
  • It the most ideal exercise equipment
  • Built with a versatile anchor design


  • The foot loop isn’t connected to the handgrip

#9. OYO Fitness Full Body Portable Personal Gym Set for Home Travel & Office Exercise

Get sculpted, lean, and fit in any place you’re using the OYO personal gym. This modern exercise equipment offers you a full gym in the palm of your hand, with different resistance levels. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or at your office, you can use this equipment to achieve your fitness goals. Add this home gym to your yoga, cardio, cycling, or Pilates routine- it can even be used for outdoors or while in group fitness classes. Besides, this unit is a portable fitness solution that uses both cardio and strength with no momentum or weight, thus making it hassle-free to shape your body anytime, anywhere.


  • Offers total body fitness in a more convenient way
  • Made from long-lasting materials
  • Ready to go straight out of the box
  • The kit is extremely versatile


  • It doesn’t have enough resistance

#8. TRX Full Body Workout Solution Suspension Training Improve Cardio for Any Level

TRX 7 Foundational Movements kit is nothing but ingenious, full-body workout equipment. Whether you need to push, hinge, plank, squat, rotate or pull, all is possible by this one kit. You can do a limitless number of exercises at your pace. It’s never too late; you can achieve your fitness goal within no time. It features a single anchor point that promotes easy setup and versatility, unlike dual anchors. Besides, the locking loop maximizes workout effectiveness without any risk of slipping. Moreover, the integrated handles and foot cradles ensure the kit is comfortable and lasts. What’s more, it’s perfect for both standing and floor-based exercises.


  • The best home gym set for achieving incredible results faster
  • You can easily anchor to doors, beam or even rafters
  • Offers you full-body workouts anytime, anywhere
  • Enables you to do limitless exercises at your pace


  • The primary attachment needs to be inspected often

#7. Fusion Motion, Portable Gym Full Body Workout Home Exercise, Set to Build Muscle

It’s now easy to get the body of your dream without getting out of your home, thanks to Fusion Motion gym full-body workout that ensures your goals are met adequately. This one-in-all gym kit will offer you everything that you need to burn fat and built muscle at the comfort of your home. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this kit is the best solution for your household. Besides, it’s perfect for all people with different skills level, and also, it’s reinforced with superior steel bars for more strenuous exercises. In addition to that, you can perform first pushups, work your core using the ab wheel, and also shred your legs and arms using the thick, hefty resistance bands. Even better, it includes a door anchor, resistance pulley, and squat rack for ultra-smooth motions.


  • Built with heavy-duty reinforced steel bars for heavier load
  • Has 200 training exercises with detailed instructions
  • Comes in a gorgeous luxury packaging ready to gift
  • Excellent for staying in shape at home or the road


  • Some instructions aren’t pointed out

#6. Vanswe Versatile Cable Station 18-Positions Adjustable Dual-Pulleys Crossover Machine

If you want a versatile and space saver fitness machine, Vanswe wall mount cable machine is an excellent solution you can think of. The unit offers you an opportunity to combine strength training and to use a cable system in your commercial or home gym. And with 18 vertical position and superior construction, you can perform shoulder presses, triceps extensions, biceps curls, lunges, reverse fyles, chest presses, ab crunches, rows, face pulls, pull through, single-arm rows, and so forth. Aside from that, this unit measures 82.6-inches tall and should be installed to the wall for guaranteed stability. Finally, it has weight support of up to 250 pounds.


  • The height is adjustable to suit different exercises
  • It saves on space and more versatile
  • Double bar track offer stability
  • Easily mounted on the wall


  • It doesn’t have sufficient resistance & retractability

#5. Icon Health & Fitness Vertical Knee Raise Station Lightweight Home Gym XR Power Tower

Are you looking for a lightweight home gym? Look no further than Icon Health and fitness home gym. This power tower allows you to exercise your body the best way ever. It has a vertical knee raise station that will help your six-pack. You are always comfortable doing all your workouts since the pushup station has well-padded grips to avoid sliding. The dip station allows you to build your upper body parts like triceps, shoulders, and chest to keep you always strong. Moreover, you are capable of building more muscular arms with the multi-grip pull-up station. This unit can be used by both men and women training or doing daily fitness workouts.


  • Made from high-quality materials that last longer
  • It’s sturdy to allows you to train in a stable manner
  • Easy to carry around since it made lightweight
  • It takes some few minutes to install


  • It takes more time to unpack all the items

#4. Weider 250lbs Durable & effective Foam Cushioning Ultimate Body Works Home Gym

If you need a full-body workout, the Weider home gym is an excellent choice in the market so far. This unit helps in exercising both lower and upper body parts. Depending on your body weight, you can easily adjust the incline position to either increase or reduce weight resistance. It is an ideal home workout equipment since it has a compact design, thus occupies less space at home. The pulleys are installed on both sides to help you in adjusting the incline position. You will always exercise comfortably because the cushion is made of foam materials to get you feeling cozy no matter how long you exercise. Assembly is a hassle-free task since it only takes you a few minutes.


  • Has a telescoping design that makes it easier to exercise
  • Saves your storage space since it has a sleek design
  • Can be used by those who need a physical therapy
  • It supports a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs


  • It isn’t as smooth as a total gym

#3. BodyBoss 2.0 Full Body Workouts Home Gym Workout Package for Home Outside & Travel

You can now start hundreds of workouts or exercises with this high-quality home gym from BodyBoss. It weighs 16 pounds and can be collapsed, making it more portable and more comfortable to store. With the fold-up platform, you can quickly increase or decrease the level of your exercises by increasing or shortening the length of the bands. You can use it for lower body workout, boxing workout, upper body workout, and many more exercises. This multifunctional unit has a collapsible workout bar that allows you to perform more than 300 workouts daily. It comes with various accessories that help you to perform the exercises the best way as you desire.


  • Ideal for cardio boxing since it comes with limb straps
  • The handles are well padded for a comfortable grip
  • You can perform varied body exercises on this kit
  • Opens and folds quickly making it a portable unit


  • The footpad is a bit thinner

#2. Total Gym APEX G3 Versatile Indoor Total Body Strength Fitness Equipment w/8 Levels

With a wide range of features, this home gym from the total gym is all you need for a more training experience. It is ideal for a full-body workout, regardless of your age. This versatile unit allows you to perform up to 70 different exercises. You can now build your muscles, burn more calories, increase flexibility, and many more with this exerciser. Moreover, it is designed from strong and durable materials that accommodate users with a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The steel frame has an auto-lock height adjustment; thus, it can support people with different height needs. It has accessories like squat stand, exercise flip chart, owner’s manual, and many more to aid you throughout your workout process.


  • Has an ergonomic glide board for a comfortable workout
  • Well-padded to enable you to exercise for more extended periods
  • Folds quickly to ease storage and portability purposes
  • Can be used by those at the age of 8-80 years


  • A bit heavier hence it harder to move around

#1. Bowflex 210lbs Upgradable Sliding Rail Multiple Cable Full Body Workout Home Gym Series

When it comes to an aerobic rowing option, the Bowflex home gym becomes the best choice. This exerciser allows you to perform more than 60 workouts for your abs, arms, chest, back, legs, shoulders, and many other body parts. You can now perform leg press or aerobic rowing because it has a sliding seat rail. The lat tower has a lat bar that helps you to strengthen your back and shoulder muscles. Also, you can easily customize your workouts with the multiple pulley positions. The triple function handcuffs and an instructional placard are included to make your exercise more enjoyable. This is an excellent gift for your family this coming season.


  • It’s quite more comfortable to move around since it has wheels
  • The bench can be easily folded to ease storage
  • Made from durable materials that last longer
  • Easy to put all the parts together


  • The base diamond plate is a bit flimsy

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Home Gym


This aspect is, of course, the main thing that you should consider when purchasing the best home gym. At least a model that can enable you to run several muscle-building workouts and cardio-training are worth considering because it allows you to attain your fitness goals faster. Other advanced models even have rowing gear.

Space Availability

If you didn’t know, the home gym takes a bit more space after it has been set up, and therefore it a good thing to consider your space availability. Of course, not all models occupy considerable space, but basically, they require a handsome amount of space. In case you’ve space limitations, you can opt for those models that can be folded when not in use.


This aspect is much reliant on your preference. Will you be the only person using the kit, or you’ll be sharing? Do you have children in your home? Most of these appliances don’t favor children; although some work best for kids, you should purchase the one that suits your home needs.


When using such equipment, note that you’re working with the unit that, in many cases, weighs many hundred pounds, with other underlying weights. You should, therefore, look for those appliances that put the safety of their users at a higher level. Choose the model that is reliable and stable, with even a sturdy base.


When purchasing this equipment, it’s essential to stick to your budget, since going for a too expensive model doesn’t guarantee effective performance. If anything, you ought to have considered all the above factors before deciding on the price tag aspect.


Now that you have every piece of information regarding the best home gyms, you’re in a position to make a purchase confidently. Don’t let the market overwhelm you with hundreds of home gyms, we narrowed down and offered you some of the leading brands in the market. Use the buying guide above to enable you to make a well-informed buying decision. If you want to meet your fitness goals within no time, you now know the right type of home gym equipment to buy. Take your home fitness exercise to the next level by embracing the above kit!

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