Top Best Twin-Size Memory Foam Mattresses in Reviews

There is nothing much motivating than sleeping on a mattress that takes the pressure of your joints and conforms well to your body. Memory foam mattresses are becoming the best options, thanks to their excellent capability of relieving pressure. And one other extra thing, foam mattresses are delivered in a compressed package that makes it convenient for you to unpack in its intended room.

And since memory foam mattresses are top-rated, there’re infinite choices on the market at an array of price points. Moreover, many concerns have always been raised regarding the performance and features of the best memory foam mattress, and without keeping an eye on such issues, you may end up buying these cheap and less-quality models. We’ve got your back. In this post, we’re going to review the best ten twin-size memory foam mattresses on the market for reviews. Here we go…

#10. Zinus Pure & Natural Green Tea Narrow Twin 6Inch CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam Mattress

You can now sleep comfortably and silently using Green Tea memory foam. This unit offers enough comfort that ensures t comforts with your body shape well. It has a high-density base that provides it offer stable and long-lasting durability. It’s shipped in a compressed package that can return to its initial shape within 48 hours. As a fact, it’s very easy to assemble, and you can have endless joy sleeping on it. Indeed, this mattress will remind you about the beauty of having a good life. Besides, it offers you a cleaner sleep since it neutralizes odor. Finally, it’s backed by CertiPUR US certified for strict standards for emissions, content and durability.


  • Provides you with a cleaner sleep by absorbing odor
  • Compressed and packaged for convenience
  • Offers medium plush feel when sleeping
  • It’s capable of standing the test of time


  • The mattress is many firms

#9. Nod by Tuft & Needle CertiPUR US Certified Twin Sleep Set Memory Foam Mattress w/Pillow

Whether you’re thinking of buying your own or a present to your family member, you wouldn’t go wrong by purchasing this foam mattress by Tuft and Needle. This mattress is universally comfortable, and it’s rated #1 on Amazon. If you miss those great night’s sleep, this mattress can offer you an ever-lasting night sleeps. Additionally, it’s breathable and supportive, which means that you can always enjoy your sleep to the fullest without morning back pain. Besides, it allows all people with different sleeping posture to enjoy sleep. What’s more, you can even sit on this foam mattress without affecting it.


  • The mattress is breathable for maximum comfort
  • It can support up to 500 pounds per person
  • Fully certified by CertiPUR-US for durability
  • Offer pressure relief and body support


  • Doesn’t last more than a year

#8. PrimaSleep 10Inch H HD Foam 3-Layer Construction Wave Gel Infused Twin-Size Foam Mattress (Blue)

PRIMASLEEP gel-infused mattress is one of a kind unit that offers you excellent sleeping experience. It’s from breathable materials that boost your sleep and regulate temperature. Also, the materials fully adapt to your weight, temperature and body-shape. Better yet, this bedding is durable and can serve you for several years without losing its shape. You’ll never find an innovative and reliable mattress like this latest model. It’s constructed with a three-layer that enables it to offer you excellent support which in turn becomes the ideal solution for sleepless nights.


  • Has soft memory foam that supports the body with soft power
  • Allows your body to rest in the best condition
  • It’s breathable to dissipate excess heat
  • The perfect option for a sleepless night


  • It’s still a new model in the market

#7. AmazonBasics 10Inch Soft Plush Feel Twin Hard Foam Bottom Twin Memory Foam Mattress

Say goodbye to bad nights by embracing this fresh and relaxing memory foam mattress by AmazonBasics. It offers you a soft-plush feel all through the night and backed by CertiPUR-US approved for safety reasons. The mid-soft foam layer features breathable air holes that enables air to circulate evenly inside the mattress for maximum comfort. On the other hand, the hard foam lower layer offers stability, durability and enhanced body support as well. Besides, the layer also offers airflow thanks to its feather-like surface. You wouldn’t go wrong by choosing this incredible twin memory foam mattress.


  • The mattress is stable and offers sufficient body support
  • Constructed from safe and quality foam materials
  • Comfortably conforms well to different positions
  • It’s breathable to allow free air circulation


  • The mattress is way too soft

#6. Classic Brands 14Inch Twin Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress w/Bonus Pillow (White)

Jump into dreamland with this phenomenal twin memory foam by Classic Brands. The 14-inch gel memory foam mattress offers incredibly and plusher comfortable sleeping area. The 2-inch top layer consists of breathable ventilated materials that contours to your body with a faster recovery aspect than conventional memory foam. The next layer is also 2-inch comfortable foam that ensures your body is fully supported with exceptional sleeping experience. Besides, the 8-inch base layer maintains the effectiveness and strength of the layer. Look no further than this innovative sleeping bedding. Even better, it is CertiPUR-US certified to guarantee safety.


  • Made from high-quality memory foam that conforms to your body
  • It’s CertiPUR-US certified for performance and durability
  • Offer plush feel and firm support throughout the night
  • Naturally hypoallergenic & resistant to allergens


  • It too soft and sinks deeply

#5. Olee Sleep 10Inch Gel Infused Layer High-Quality Top Memory Foam Mattress Twin-Size (Blue)

OLEE SLEEP foam mattress is a high-quality unit that offers you sufficient sleep. This sleeping unit is designed from high-grade polyester and spandex materials that last longer. No matter your sleeping position, this mattress provides a comfortable and better sleeping time. With the unique gel-infused foam layer, you are assured of cool nights since it allows for a free flow of air to avoid sweating during hot nights. The 1-inch memory ensures that you sleep comfortably throughout the night. To achieve the best results, you should allow your mattress to expand for up to 72 hours.


  • Has a high-density base layer that is strong and durable
  • The cover is of breathable materials to avoid sweating
  • Adapts to your body shape to relieve any back pain
  • Designed from high-quality, durable materials


  • It has a little chemical smell

#4. Vibe Quilted 12Inch Twin Innerspring Hybrid Pillow Hypoallergenic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A tiresome search for the best memory foam mattress twin ends here with this model from Vibe. This unit has innerspring that are wrapped individually to offer you the orthopedic support that you need while sleeping. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to harmful substances such as bacteria, dust mites, molds, and so ideal for those who suffer allergic reactions. You are assured of a longer-lasting unit since it is from high quality and strong memory foam. The cover is beautifully knitted to complement your bedroom decor and leaves your mattress looking elegant. This is an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your friend or family member.


  • Has been certified by CertiPUR US thus safe
  • Easy to set up since it comes rolled in a box
  • Supports back, side or stomach sleepers
  • Available in all sizes to suit your bed size


  • The sides begin to sag after some time

#3. Ashley Signature Design 8Inch Hybrid Innerspring Chime Express Twin Memory Foam Mattress (White)

If you are looking for a soft and beautiful memory foam mattress twin, this brand Signature by Ashley is an ideal choice. It is of high-density quilt foam that is well padded to support you comfortably as you desire. For those suffering from allergies, you now have a peaceful mind since it is hypoallergenic thus resistant to any form of allergies. Additionally, it is packaged in a box that makes it easier to unpack to set it up. The mattress protector is made thin that allows air circulation and dissipates heat away to keep you cool to avoid sweating. In case of stains, you can use a mild soap and cold water by wiping gently.


  • Designed from a quality, durable polyester materials
  • It is free from any odors few hours after unpacking it
  • Has clear instructions that make it easier to setup
  • Helps to relieve any back pains and fibromyalgia


  • Too soft such that it can tear easily

#2. Linenspa 10Inch Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress w/ Linespa 14'' Platform Bed Frame

If you are looking for neither too soft nor too firm memory foam mattress twin, this brand from Linenspa is an ideal pick. This 10-inch mattress supports all types of sleepers for a comfortable sleep all day long. It has a thick layer of memory foam conforms to your body shape to relieve any pressures on your back. Additionally, it is equipped with a 14-inch steel platform that supports your mattress for a more extended period. Assembly is a hassle-free task because this mattress is packaged in a box which makes it easier to set it up. Also, it is from soft and high-quality fabric that is durable and comfortable to lie on.


  • Has rubberized anti-slip grips that keep it in place
  • Made soft to support you comfortably all through
  • The innerspring produces no noise when turning
  • Assembles in five minutes thus saves your time


  • It has specs of dust and dirt particles

#1. Sweetnight Twin Size 10Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress w/CertiPUR US Certified for Back Pain Relief

As the name suggests, your nights will be sweeter than before with Sweetnight memory foam mattress twin. This unit is of high-grade polyester, viscose and spandex materials that are well known for their strength and durability. It has four layers and a gel memory foam zone that supports you comfortably and at appropriate temperatures. Moreover, it has been certified by CertiPUR-US, thus safe from harmful substances such as mercury, formaldehyde and other heavier materials therefore safe for use. The cooling gel-infused memory foam adapts to your body temperatures and size as time goes by to decrease heat on the sleeping surface.


  • Ideal for kids’ rooms, bunk beds, dorms, guest rooms and so on
  • Holds you comfortable no matter your sleeping position
  • Made flappable to allow you to sleep on both sides
  • it is of breathable materials that enhance comfort


  • Not ideal for side sleepers

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Twin Memory Foam Mattress


First, consider the density of the mattress before paying for any of the models. In essence, the density represents the amount of foam that is built in every layer; nevertheless, thicker doesn’t equate for high density. A more top density model will offer you a longer lifespan for your bed. There’re three options of density to choose from namely; low, medium and high density. More massive models are durable and offer incredible support.


Again, the thickness of individual layers is a cardinal factor that dictates the sleep quality. The thickness you choose is much related to your taste. As a rule of thumb, 4-inch in the outer layer is good, but it can still be split into two comfort layers.


The firmness of the mattress is closely correlated to the weight used. In other words, heavier mattresses will be firmer and highly supportive in general, while lighter mattresses will always be softer. And also, there’ll be slight variation in firmness from one mattress to another even when relating weights; therefore, you ought to check on the labeled firmness before purchasing one.

Lifespan & Durability

The lifespan of the mattress is usually dependent on the quality that you opt for. Purchasing a high-end model mattress could offer you an excellent unit, you can be confident that it’ll stand the test of time. Generally, the best quality twin memory foam mattress should last you no less than seven years of useful performance.


As you’ve seen, there’re arrays of high-quality twin memory foam mattresses models on the market today. If you want to buy one for your home, you won’t miss your best suit from the above list. We’re confident that you’ll get a winner model from the ten selections we’ve offered you without sifting through other sources. Also, the buyer’s guide that is right above will go a long way in helping you to make a well-informed buying decision. Thanks for sparing time to read through this post and we wish you good luck with your choice. Have a lovely sleeping experience!

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