Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Forks in Reviews

Bicycles have undergone different evolutionary stages. And to lower pain and improves on the comfort, several interesting inventions were introduced. One of the greatest and significant designs was the suspension fork. This bike accessory was specifically made for mountain bikes to enable the rider to feel more comfortable and safe. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for a mountain bike; it’s essential in any other cycle. A bike fork will offer you sufficient comfort and ease if you’re riding on a bumpy road or riding off-road tracks.

Many companies are now manufacturing this essential unit to meet the rising demand. As such, choosing the best mountain bike fork is an arduous task. However, we’re here to offer you the best selections ever in the market. In this post, we’ll take you through the top 10 best mountain bike forks in reviews. Without any further delay, let’s dive in.

#10. Fox Float 15QR 2015 32 CTD 29er Gloss 1.5 Taper Fit 29Inch Suspension Fork 110mm Travel (Black)

It now the right time to upgrade your mountain bike with the best suspension fork by Fox 29er. This unit is the best travel tool. Ensure you have got a hub on your front with a pass through axle. This tool is a significant improvement over the Suntour coil shock. And for your information, this is a good-priced fork that works as it should. Moreover, this great fork makes handling the bike easy-breezy. This 29-inch MTB suspension fork fits seamlessly in most mountain bikes; you wouldn’t struggle to put it together.

What We Like

  • It’s gloss black & anodized black steerer to last
  • The model is affordable and quality-made
  • Allows the bike to be handled with ease
  • Suitable to upgrade your mountain bike

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s a 2015 model

#9. BUCKLOS Rebound Adjust Straight Tube 28.6mm Ultra-Light Gas Shock XC Bicycle Lockout Forks

BUCKLOS Mountain forks feature a unique rebound adjustment structure that controls the bike’s speed as per your needs. As a fact, this unit can be as fast as a deer and as slow as a chameleon under your control, whether off-road/XC or mountain bike. It allows you to ride on rough terrain yet still offering you enough comfort and comfortable riding. The upper tube is from aluminum alloy, while the lower tube is from aluminum alloy to ensure the unit lasts. The adjustment of the air pressure adjusts value to the rider’s weight and even riding condition to allow you to have an incredible experience.

What We Like

  • Support rider’s weight to get a better experience
  • Constructed from reliable and durable alloys
  • Offers quality ride in almost all terrains
  • Available in black and black gold color

What We Didn’t Like

  • Shocks lose a lot of air quite fast

#8. DFS COOL-RLC-TP-RCE Thru Axle 27.5-Inch Suspension Bicycle MTB Air MTB Mountain Bike Fork

Do you want to take your bike riding to a new level? DFS MTB mountain bike fork is the solution. It’s designed to support your bike such that it can handle and absorb the shock in any terrain. Besides, it’s ergonomically designed to suit any conditions, including steep and rough terrains. Also, the front fork is readily compatible with 26-inch and 27.5-inch.

Additionally, it features three laps 1080 degrees adjustment that can adopt various traffic. Moreover, the starting pressure at the back of the fork allows you to set up your suspension within no time. What’s more, it has fully passed EU EN-14766 mountain bike certification policies that ensure it is durable and stand the test of time.

What We Like

  • The front fork is fully compatible with 26-inch and 27.5-inch
  • It’s durable and has passed the standard bike test
  • You can set up the suspension fork in seconds
  • The unit can readily adapt to various traffic

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s not compatible with all-mountain bikes

#7. LBBL 26-Inch Smart Unlock V-Brake Compatible Inner Tube Suspension MTB Mountain Bike Fork

LBBL is a reputable company that is concern with the production of high-end Air Fork. Notably, it develops an ultra-light carbon air fork that only weighs 1420g for convenience. It has a reinforced design, aluminum pump nut, and fork shoulder thickening that offer guaranteed durability. It also features a pneumatic system, absorber function, and lock function that enables the kit to perform correctly. The inner anode tube, laser anti-cursor with matte essential oil foster balanced performance with high-grade beauty. You’ll be impressed using this unit because it has all features to make your ride excellent.

What We Like

  • Built with top-notch features that make riding fantastic
  • Has ultra-weight design for an effortless riding experience
  • Made with long-lasting and reliable materials
  • Ideal for 26-inch disc brakes or even V-brakes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Has limited reviews

#6. DNM ORL 29-Inch Drop Out to Crown Mountain Bike Bicycle 28.6mm w/Remote Lockout Travel

If you’re planning to go for an off-road ride, you should ensure that your bike has all the accessories that meet the off-road riding. DNM ORL suspension fork is one of the suitable accessories you can think of before setting off. It’s compatible with most mountain bikes, particularly those with a wheel size of 29-inch and a steerer rube of 28.6mm. The leg material is from aluminum and magnesium material that can effortlessly withstand any weight. Besides, it’s among the reputable brand in town; you can’t afford to miss. Grab it now while stock lasts!

What We Like

  • Constructed to last and to perform optimally
  • It’s compatible with a wheel size of 29-inch
  • Perfect suspension fork for the money
  • Lightweight for easy movement

What We Didn’t Like

  • Runs out of stock quickly

#5. S.R. Suntour 1 1/8-Inch Steerer Axle 9mm Epixon XC MTB Right Side Air Spring Straight (Black)

Are you looking for a high-quality bike fork? Well, look no further than S.R. Suntour bike fork. This unit is designed from high-quality aluminum alloy materials that are well known for their durability and strength. It has a pitch of 130mm and a tube diameter of 32mm to fit most bicycles for an efficient ride. Installation is a pretty easier task because this unit comes with a clearly instructed manual for easy setup to save your time. The distance between the axle and the crown is 484mm; this ensures that you are always comfortable while riding. It is lightweight, which makes it easier to carry from place to place and to install.

What We Like

  • Has a compact design to save you on storage space
  • Easy to operate and use with fewer instructions
  • Made sturdy to ensure comfortable operations
  • Made durable from high-quality materials

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit heavier compared to other models

#4. RockShox 26-Inch Recon Silver TK Lighter Chassis Turnkey Lockout Mountain Bike Fork (Black)

If you are looking for a bike fork that is lighter than most coil springs, you got it right with this model from RockShox. With a weight of only 6.3pounds, you can transport it from place to place without feeling its weight. This unit has a lockout that ensures that you can easily pedal smoothly on both levels and smooth surfaces. The fork steerer has a convenient length that makes it a bit easier to install this device to your bicycle. Moreover, the crown is made of aluminum material, whereas the lower leg is of magnesium materials that are all durable. This is an ideal gift for a friend or family member who loves riding.

What We Like

  • The 9mm quick release makes installation easier
  • Has a satin nickel finish for a more elegant look
  • Available in a gloss white and gloss black color
  • Easy to install thus saves your setup time

What We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t include a rebuild kit

#3. ZTZ Aluminum Double Air Chamber Shock Absorber Mountain Front Air Fork (Black Inner Tube)

You would have made yourself the best deal when it comes to a more durable bike fork by trying out this model from ZTZ. It is designed from high-grade aluminum alloy materials that are long-lasting and stronger. This item is available in three different sizes to meet different riding needs of either kids or adults. You are assured of a lightweight product since it only weighs 3.6 pounds, thus more comfortable to carry around. Moreover, it has different compression levels to the point that it reaches lockout for a more comfortable pedaling. It has a separate adjustment and is adjustable with air pressure. Also, it is designed mostly for disc brakes.

What We Like

  • Takes less storage space since it has a compact design
  • Has different sizing: 26 inch, 27.5inch, and 29 inches
  • Made lightweight making it easier to carry around
  • Available in a red and black color to choose from

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for hard mountain trail bike riding

#2. DNM650B 1 1/8Inch Tapered Post Mount Air Front Suspension MTB DH Downhill Mountain Bike Fork

Do you need a bike fork only disc brakes? Well, DNM bike fork is the best choice in the market. It has a length of 29.6 inches to give you enough space to pedal for a comfortable ride. The adjusted knob is designed to increase or reduce the damp, whereas the preload knob is specially designed to increase and decrease pressure. For the best results, all you need to do is to fill the air chamber with the recommended pressure meter between 100-150PSI. Moreover, it comes with a clearly instructed manual to make it easier to install it on your bicycle. It only weighs 11.3 pounds, thus more comfortable to carry it from one place to another.

What We Like

  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Made sturdy to ensure steady and stable operations
  • Keeps you riding faster no matter the terrain
  • Well designed to absorb any form of shocks

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not compatible with rim brakes

#1. RockShox B4 42mm Offset Ultimate Charger 2.1 RC2 29Inch Suspension Fork 15 x 110 mm (Silver)

As a cycling enthusiast, you would not afford to miss out on RockShox bike fork. This unit features a re-tuned charger two damper that enables you to ride higher in compression and keeps the tires sturdy for unmatched control. Several components, such as maxima plush fluid, SKF wiper seals, and SKF damper cartridge seals are included to reduce friction, thus improving its performance. The air spring also reduces friction, absorbs any bumps, and improves response under the load. They also ensure the smooth movement of all moving parts by decreasing friction in these parts. This makes it an ideal present for your loved one who loves riding.

What We Like

  • The air springs keep you comfortable thus prevents rider fatigue
  • Made lightweight making it more portable and convenient
  • Saves your time since it takes some few minutes to install
  • Designed from high-grade materials that last longer

What We Didn’t Like

  • No cons so far

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Mountain Bike Fork

Wheel Size

Three-wheel sizes revolve around the mountain bikes in the world; these include; 26-inch, 27.5inch, and 29-inch. You can’t mix & match wheels and forks. A particular fork should meet the needs of a specific bike’s wheel size. In case you aren’t sure about the wheel size of your bike, check at the tires. It’s always written on the side of the tire.

Fork Steerer

Unlike the old models of fork steerer, the current mountain bikes work well with the tapered steerer standard. The earlier options will only accept one 1/8-inch steerer.

Axle Types

Most of the current mountain bikes will have 15-mm bolt thru-axles. However, cheaper or older bikes may support 9-mm quick release. Besides, some longer and older travel bikes may have 20-mm bolt thru-axles.

Disc Mounts

The current mountain bikes and forks will have post-mount disc brake calipers. On the other hand, older bikes & forks may have I.S. mount.

Amount of Travel

The other most important aspect to consider is the amount of travel. You shouldn’t be tempted to run a long distance in a frame suitable for a short travel fork. In such a scenario, you’ll fatally foul up the bicycle handling. You shouldn’t stay firm within the same point of travel. Also, don’t try running in a fork with shorter travel than what the frame is designed for, the steering might get twitchy, and your lowered down bracket height will cause sudden pedal strikes.

Air Spring

Many forks are adjustable to various rider weights and even riding styles with a shock pump. When you push back against the main air spring in the fork, you cause a negative spring, which helps the fork break away and improve the bump compliance.


We’ve come to the end of the review of the best ten mountain bike forks. We not only presented to you suspension forks from reputable brands but also that are most bought by many customers. With this guide at your disposal, at no time will you face challenges in selecting the best mountain bike fork. Whether you’re an expert biker or getting started, you wouldn’t be challenged in picking the best suspension fork for your adventure. We hope this post has offered you enough information that concerns mountain bike forks.

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