Top 10 Best Moving Dolly for Washing Machines in Reviews

When you plan to relocate or change the positions of your electronics appliance in your home, there is one unsolved challenge; how to move appliances like washing machines and dryers. Unlike a TV set, a washing machine is way heavier, not to mention its big size. Notably, it’s impossible to carry a washing machine using your bare hands. In that case, you’ll need a moving dolly to wheel the washing machine and other heavier items out of your house or to a nearby room. A moving dolly is known for its efficiency and effectiveness.

As you know, a washing machine is a delicate and expensive appliance, and it should be handled with care and precision, lest you lose your long term investment. And for that reason, we have come to help you out. To remove doubts when purchasing the best dolly for moving washing machines, we have put forth a review of the top ten Dolly for Moving Washing Machines in Reviews.

#10. Xingyuan Multi-Functional Mobile Basen Four Strong Feet Size Adjustable for Washing Machine

When it comes to strength and adjustability, Xingyuan multi-functional base is undisputable. You can place dryers, washing machines, mini-fridge, and refrigerators with ease and in a safe manner. Also, being made from aluminum alloy with high-strength plastic steel means that you’ll get exceptional support. Its maximum weight is 450lbs and comes in an easy assembling package. The button type lock that it uses does away with screws. Moreover, you can adjust the sturdiness of a stainless steel bar to accommodate more furniture. Who said that this model could not add a charming look to your living space? Its whitish and black color complement the décor of your room.

What we liked:

  • Comes with four vibration-proof pads that lower noise by laying under the caster
  • Can seamlessly extend to 18-28-inches to accommodates many appliances
  • Safe and effective equipment to carry the delicate appliance
  • It is very sturdy and offers an easy way to put together

What we didn’t liked:

  • It doesn’t telescope out enough for standard American appliances

#9. Ismartmoon Universal Mobile Base Fridge Stand Adjustable Base 4 Feet Strong for Washing Machine

How many times have you been frustrated by those cheaply-made moving dollies that promise heaven but only wasted your money? It’s now over. Ismartmoon adjustable base stand for moving washing machine is here to settle the scours. It can move heavier appliances as much as 300lb is now accessible because it is from sturdy PVC pieces and stainless-steel poles. Be assured, all your devices like washing machines, dryers, and dressers will be movable quickly and effortlessly. Even better, it can move on a smooth floor swiftly using eight rubber swivel wheels. If you need it to stay in place, the four double wheels can lock using a flip of a switch to enable it to stick firmly. Additionally, the base height is 4-5-inches, thus keeping the base ventilated and offer the most straightforward way to clean.

What we liked:

  • The trolley is suitable for refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
  • Solidly built to be able to support up to 300lb of weight
  • It is durable, adjustable and firm for convenience control
  • Very easy to clean and lower water to maintain it dry

What we didn’t liked:

  • The four metal support tend to detract

#8. Ogrmar Adjustable Telescopic Furniture Dolly Roller 8 Swivel Wheels for Dryer Washing Machine

If you need a good-looking and robust dolly roller for washing machine, Ogrmar adjustable telescopic dolly roller is not far from what you want. Since it’s constructed with sturdy PVC with stainless steel support, this equipment can support a weight of up to 500lb, making moving heavy appliance a breeze. When it has reached the destination, the swivel wheel is lockable to enable it to prevent unexpected movements. It necessitates the movement of refrigerators, washing machines, heavy equipment, and more. The solid caster base makes it remarkable and outstanding for enough support. What’s more, it offers an easy and straightforward way to install, and a well-instructed manual accompanies it.

What we liked:

  • Can contract and expand to fit whatever you want to move
  • All wheels can lock when not moving for extra-security
  • Built to load a maximum weight of up to 500 lbs.
  • Has a durable construction for an extended use
  • It offers convenient cleaning and reworking

What we didn’t liked:

  • The plastic flex when the load is not evenly spread over the wheels

#7. UPHAN Universal Movable 8 Locking Swivel Wheels Dolly Trolley for Washing Machine WS02

Are you looking for a well-made moving dolly for your washing machine? Look no further than UPHAN moving dolly. This dolly is built with high-quality stainless steel tubes that are durable. You can move your washing effortlessly as it can bear up to 200kg/440lbs. This dolly roller has eight rubber swivel wheels that allow you to move at ease on a smooth surface. When you need it to stay still, you can lock the wheel with a flip of a switch. It is usable for dryers, heavy flower pots, or any heavier equipment. The height of the base can be adjusted from 4 ” to 5″ to keep the bottom of the appliance well ventilated and easy to clean.

What we liked:

  • The wheels are sturdy to avoid slipping off
  • The durable rubber wheels reduce the vibrations
  • Easy to install as you only need one screwdriver
  • Made from high-grade materials that last long

What we didn’t liked:

  • Not suitable for extra-large home appliances

#6. Garndekor Adjustable Telescopic Dolly Roller with 4 Locking Swivel Wheels for Washing Machine

What more will you be looking for if not all that Garndekor dolly for washing machine offers you? This moving dolly has its length and width adjustable to 27.5 inches, whereas its height is adjustable to 5 inches just as per your needs. It is attached with 4 PVC anti-slip mats to dampen the noise from your machine. The adjustable base is made of high aluminum alloys making it more durable and sturdier. It has eight rounds and 8 feet to make it a more stable and secure maneuver around. Also, it can be used widely for other home appliances like refrigerators, full cabinets, and many more. The push-button lock enables you to lock the wheels to avoid unnecessary movements.

What we liked:

  • Both the feet and wheels are assembled already thus it easy to set it up
  • The connecting tubes make it stronger to bear a weight of up to 500lbs
  • The double-layer structure enables it to carry a heavier load
  • Has a detachable rubber mat that prevents sliding

What we didn’t liked:

  • Doesn’t balance the weight well

#5. SUNFREE 4 Doubled Wheels Stand Adjustable Dolly for Dryer Washing Machine & Refrigerator Stand

Are you looking for a perfect moving dolly for a washing machine? SUNFREE dolly washing machine is your ultimate choice. This dolly roller is from high-grade stainless steel materials that are durable and resistant to rust. Its length can be adjusted from 19.5 inches to 27.5 inches whereas its width from 17.5″ to 27.5 ” depending on how you want it to be. You can quickly move around this dolly roller as it comes with rubber-swivel double wheels. Not only can it be used for moving washing machines but also refrigerators, freezers, and other home appliances. You can easily adjust the horizontal of the base with the embedded horizontal meter.

What we liked:

  • Easy to assemble as it comes when fully assembled
  • Designed from materials that do not corrode easily
  • It has a higher load-bearing capacity of up to 500 lbs.
  • Has a button to fix the adjusted length and width

What we didn’t liked:

  • The wheels run flat when a heavier unit sits on it for long

#4. Tian Lan 8 Wheels 4 Feet Movable Base Adjustable Size Dryer Washing Machine & Refrigerator Base

Grab Tian Lan moving dolly to move a more massive load quickly. This appliance can be used to move refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, air conditioners, and other bulkier equipment. Both its length and width can be adjusted to 24″ whereas its height is adjustable to 4.5″. It is strong enough to withstand a weight of up to 1100 pounds. Additionally, it has four durable rubber wheels and enables you to move through bumpy surfaces. It is sturdy enough; thus, it keeps your washing machine stable at all times. With only a weight of 6.85 pounds, you can quickly move it to an area that you load up your washing machine.

What we liked:

  • Saves your times as it only takes about 5 minutes to install it
  • Makes it easy to clean the bottom of the washing machine
  • The adjustable feet reduces the vibration of the machine
  • Has an adjustable size thus suitable for most appliances

What we didn’t liked:

  • You need to reinforce it with grip pads to avoid sliding

#3. SPACEARE Adjustable Furniture Dolly with 4 Locking Wheels Washing Machine Base Moving Cart

For an all-round workhorse, you would not go wrong with SPACEARE moving dolly. This equipment has four poles from stainless steel materials that do not contract rust easily. It is also has four swivel wheels that are designed from rubber materials to enable you to go through bumpy surfaces. It can move refrigerators, mini-fridge, and other appliances. This unit can be adjusted to allow you to move to a variety of furniture around your house quickly. Also, this moving dolly only weighs 5.2 pounds, and yet it carries a weight of up to 300lbs. It has a clearly instructed manual that makes assembly easier and fastest for you.

What we liked:

  • Multifunctional as it can be used in moving other heavier appliances
  • The 360- degree swivel wheels allow you to move freely
  • You can easily lock the wheels to avoid any collisions
  • Made lightweight making it easier to transport it

What we didn’t liked:

  • The included measuring tape does measure correctly

#2. JY Hong Cheng Refrigerator Movable Wheel Base Stand Dolly Trolley for Dryer Washing Machine

Our second spot JY Hong Cheng moving dolly for your washing machine. This unit is strong enough to withstand a weight of 150kgs. It is used to move home appliances like ice makers, washing machines, and refrigerators. The tube is from stainless steel components that do not rust and are long-lasting. It is easier to clean the bottom of your washing machine when it’s on this moving dolly. It is easier to assemble it as you are good to go with only 2-3 steps. Finally, it minimizes movements as it is made sturdy and stable.

What we liked:

  • Minimizes the production of the noise from the machine
  • Keeps your equipment free from the wet environments
  • Versatile as itis used to perform different purposes
  • It has up to 8 legs to make the base more stable

What we didn’t liked:

  • It might end up failing you if you don’t tighten up the screws well

#1. Matinss Mini-Fridge Stand 4 Wheels & 4 Feet LG Pedestals Moving Dolly for Washing Machine (Red)

Are you tired of these big and clunky dollies that take up most of your space? Your ultimate solution is Matinss moving dolly. This model from aluminum alloy and PVC plastic materials that are strong enough to hold a weight of up to 500lbs. You can adjust its length, width, and height to suit your needs. This unit has four double wheels that are powerful enough to enable you to move your washing machine through a bumpy surface. It is attached to an antiskid and shockproof foot mat to protect the bottom of your washing machine. This dolly is usable for dryers, freezers, refrigerators, mini-fridges, or other heavier home appliances.

What we liked:

  • Designed from safe and environmentally friendly materials
  • It has a foot mat that reduces the level of noise and vibrations
  • The 360-degree rotation wheels make it easy to maneuver
  • Has a visual scale to help you to adjust it accurately

What we didn’t liked:

  • It doesn’t support any appliance weighing more than 500 lbs.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Dolly for Washing Machine

When you get to a point where you are in a dilemma between two dolly trolleys, it’s not always easy to measure the strength of one unit over the other, and however, if you go through this guide, you can still get a differentiating feature. They include;

Adjustable Size

Most dolly washing machine base moving carts come with adjustable size to enable it to carry the full load more comfortably. For instance, most models can allow adjustments from 18-1/2” to 27-3/5”. Also, having an adjustable dolly trolley means that you can always customize the way you heavy carry appliances like dryers and washing machines.


How suitable can the mobile roller you select offer transportation for a more massive appliance? It is has a base that can accommodate any electronic device or gadget, and it is worth purchasing. The list we have presented to you includes those models that can work better with portable washing machines, dryers and washers, mini-fridge, cabinet, refrigerators, and other furniture. The base should have a flat and sturdy design to support even the heaviest appliances.

Ease of Assembling

No one needs the hassle of assembling process; therefore, the dolly trolley you select should offer a secure method of setting up the equipment to get working. The models that come with pre-assembled wheels and feet are desirable because your work will be only to connect the tubes. Even to make things easier, most models include a guided instructional manual that enables you to put everything together in a step by step process.

360-Degrees Wheels

The last but most important thing to consider is the swiveling wheels. In most cases, it comes with 360 degrees four locking swivel wheels that enable you to move around with ease, and the lock lets you fixed to avoid an accidental collision. The rubber wheels are mostly preferred because they are durable and offer excellent traction. Lastly, the wheels also should move quietly to provide a comfortable movement.


We hope this article has been of great help to you in guiding you to the best washing machine dolly. Our research was thorough, and the presentation we have made replicate our accurate findings. Also, we know that by now, you have differentiating features of the models that you’ve seen viable, and even if not today, you’ll get back to us to get your best. As you make your selection, ensure to ascertain versatility, adjustability, and durability. Remember, a washing machine or any other more massive appliance in your home is vital, they deserve a good look and functional standing and moving base. Good luck, and welcome back for more!

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