Top 10 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps in Reviews

Are you scared of losing shape after giving birth? If yes, then you need a postpartum belly wrap. This accessory will help your belly to return back to the original size and are suitable for women who have undergone a C-section and mothers after childbirth. They usually work on your Waist, pelvis, and tummy while giving you back support that you need for your daily activities.

Postpartum Belly Wraps comes in all manner of sizes, brands, shapes, and prices. To help you locate a belly Wraps that fulfills all these needs, we have done detailed research and come up with the top 10 best Postpartum Belly Wraps in Reviews.

#10. Moolida C Section Postpartum Belly Wrap Waist Shapewear

The Moolida Postpartum Belly Wrap promises to be comfortable and lightweight. It is made of 100% skin-friendly medical cotton that is soft and elastic enough to wear it under clothing while sleeping or nursing. The belly wrap is no only ideal for postpartum recovery but also perfect for body shaping, slimming, and general fitness. Subsequently, this Belly is going to speed up recovery after giving birth to prevent organs from sagging while accelerating postnatal healing.

This multifunctional Belly Wrap will not roll up or down when wearing it. You just need to use the 2 closures to adjust how tight you want, and you gonna love it. Typically, it is recommended to measure your abdominal and Waist circumference before you make a purchase.

What We Liked:

  • Made of 100% skin-friendly cotton materials that are lightweight and comfortable
  • Speed up recovery after postpartum by shrinking bell, Waist and hips
  • The belly band has two build-in soft ribs that lower back pain and improve posture
  • Soft and elastic enough while sleeping or nursing

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • It does not last

#9. NYOrtho Lower Waist Abdominal Binder Support Belt for Men and Women

The NYOrtho Abdominal Binder is one of the best Support Belt on the market. It is going to fit around your Waist comfortably to conform to any body shape and size. The Belly Wraps features an extra-wide design and will wrap around your entire stomach while staying in place without shifting or rolling when moving around. Furthermore, this Belt support is made of high-quality, comfortable, latex-free, lightweight premium materials that offer compression to the lower and upper abdomen while improving oxygen levels and blood circulation.

Whether you are recovering from injury, surgery, or you just require extra support, these abdominal binders are going to improve muscle tone and stabilize your core. It is going to shape of your abdomen and Restores muscle tone while helping you to minimize post-surgery complications.

What We Liked:

  • Naturally flexible to fit around your Waist comfortably
  • Made of breathable, latex-free, high-quality and premium materials
  • Restores the shape of your improves while redefining your waistline
  • Improve posture during breastfeeding and support the lower back

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • It can only be hand-washed

#8. GOEGE Waist Trimmer Girdle Belt Abdominal Binder Belly Slimming Belt

Increase your confidence and regain your shape after delivery by getting this Belly Slimming Belt by GOEGE. It is a lightweight and comfortable Waist Trimmer that is made of the finest material so you can wrap it around your body with ease. In addition to that, this Belly Wrap is stretchy and adjustable and features 4 flexible bones inside that will prevent it from rolling down or up. Besides that, it is going to improve your posture and support your back.

This Waist Trimmer is not only used for postpartum recovery but also as abdomen trimmer, lift the hips, protecting Waist, lose weight, tummy trainer, body shaper, and to keep slim. The adjustable Velcro makes it easy to wear irrespective of your body size.

What We Liked:

  • Lightweight and comfortable waist trimmer made with finest materials
  • Has adjustable Velcro making it comfortable to wear it
  • 4 flexible bones inside to prevent the band from rolling up or down
  • Improves your posture and support your back

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • Has no user instructions

#7. ChongErfei Postpartum Support Postnatal Shapewear Recovery Belly Wrap

ChongErfei Postpartum Belly Wrap is breathable, comfortable, and very stretchable. It is going to meet all your postpartum healing process while helping you to correct your posture.
This Belly Wrap is made of high-quality fabric materials that are easy to clean and will prevent this Belly Wrap from rolling up when you move or seat. Subsequently, it will help you to reduce swelling and get your body back to its prior post-childbirth.

The wrap comes in 2 sizes, and you can choose the most preferred one, depending on your body size. Moreover, after using this product for several weeks, you will look instantly slimmer, and you will add confidence. Also, this wrap is going to support your lower back, and you will improve your posture when breastfeeding.

What We Liked:

  • Made of comfortable and breathable fabric that is easy to clean
  • The band helps reduce swelling and return uterus to its original position
  • Does not rolling up when you seat or move
  • Comes in 2 sizes and different color options to choose from

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • Can cause overheating

#6. Gepoetry Recovery Belly Wrap Postpartum Support Body Shaper

This Recovery Belly Wrap is available in two sizes. One version has a pelvis belt that fits hipline 32.7 inches to 42 inches and a waist belt that fits waistline 26 inches to 39 inches. The other version has a pelvis belt that fits hipline 40 inches to 46 inches and a waist belt that fits waistline 38 inches to 44 inches. Ideally, this body shaper is ideal for everyone who had surgical operation after C-section or a person who wants to restore the body shape.

This belly wrap will assist you to ease the discomfort of postpartum, regain confidence, and restore your beautiful body shape. Other than that, the belt will ease the transition of uterus and then shrink it down to its normal size. Finally, with this belt, you are going to reduce discomfort and have a speedy recovery.

What We Liked:

  • The belt reduces discomfort and speeds recovery
  • Help mothers to restore their beautiful body shape and regain confidence
  • Hold tummy in and support your lower back
  • The beige contains belly belt, pelvis belt, and waist belt

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • The fabric feels a little itchy

#5. KeaBabies 3 in 1 Postpartum Recovery Wrap Belly Support for Postnatal Maternity and Pregnancy

The KeaBabies 3 in 1 postpartum wrap is a bit different when compared to other products mentioned in prior. It comes in 2 sizes, where one size is ideal for the pre-pregnancy weight of up to 145 lbs. and XL size ideal for the pre-pregnancy weight of more than 150 lbs. The berry wrap is made of breathable and soft materials and does not cause any irritation on your skin. Using elastic and breathable mesh, this Recovery Wrap will contour perfectly around your body for maximum comfortability.

Something else, this product will help to shrink your womb back to its pre-pregnancy size while trucking your stomach in. Furthermore, this wrap is going to minimize your backaches while promoting your good posture.

What We Liked:

  • Made to be soft to touch and does not cause skin irritation
  • Tuck your stomach in and shrink of your tummy
  • Reduces backaches and support your back
  • Made of elastic and breathable mesh for maximum comfort

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • Limits mobility

#4. ARRIS Ice Pack for Lower Back Injuries and Back Pain Relief with Adjustable Lumbar Support

This is what you need if you want to lose some inches off your belly and Waist. This cold and heating wrap has a flexible neoprene construction, and it is enhanced by a dual elastic band that makes this brace ideal for all body types. Besides that, it will offer maximum lumbar support during exercise, heavy lifting, or at work. Its adjustable belt allows you to achieve a comfortable fit while allowing you to control the compression level.

This 3 in 1 compression pack has three powerful solutions, including Compression therapy, hot / heat therapy, and cold therapy that helps you to combat discomfort and back pain. Moreover, it is ideal for both men and women with 48inches waist circumferences. The included gel pack is big and can cover the pain area of your lumbar, lower back, and spine backbone.

What We Liked:

  • Has adjustable back brace making it suitable for all body types
  • Alleviate muscle soreness and stimulate blood circulation
  • Three-in- one solution ice pack back ideal for both men and women
  • FDA registered and approved assisting you in relieving lower back pain

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • Does not fit properly

#3. Pro Enrichment Sacroiliac Women and Men Hip SI Belt

Reduce si joint inflammation and alleviates joint pain with Pro Enrichment Hip SI Belt. It is a great belt that helps you to stabilize the sacroiliac joint that is inflamed or hypermobile. Other than that, it is going to reduce lower back, pelvic, or leg pain that is caused by SI joint dysfunction. Moreover, this belt has a unique diamond-shaped pressure design allowing you to adjust the belt up and down according to your sacrum size to get more fitted and stable. Its wrap around and Low-profile design gives you the freedom to wear it invisibly during the day/night. Besides that, this SI belt can be worn for a long period to lower back pain or for recovery.

What We Liked:

  • Reduces SI joint inflammation and alleviates joint pain
  • Fits hip circumference of sizes 46 to 55 inch
  • Pilling resistant and lightweight and you can wear it while performing physical activities
  • Non-restricting design and can fit both men and women

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • Bottom rolls up when standing

#2. UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Waist Trainer Belly Bamboo Charcoal Belly Band

Made with bamboo charcoal fiber technology, this Belly Band usually increases circulation naturally for quick recovery. It is available in two sizes to choose from. Typically, this belly band and Waist faster will offer tummy support after the baby while providing back support. In addition to that, the band is moisture-wicking and adjustable, and the best thing, you can wear it under clothing.

Subsequently, most moms love this postpartum belly band as they reduce C-section swelling, post-pregnancy, and bloating. It is better when compared to postpartum girdle as it assists in supporting the uterus after the baby and supports core abdominal muscles.

What We Liked:

  • Slims your Waist and postpartum belly faster while providing tummy support after baby
  • This postpartum belly band is moisture-wicking and adjustable
  • Provides back support and supports postnatal abdominal muscles
  • Reduces swelling and it is available in 2 sizes

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • A bit costly

#1.Emma + Ollie Postpartum Belly Band Belly Wrap for Weight Loss

Flatten your stomach to normal after birth with Emma + Ollie Postpartum Belly Band. It is made of bamboo charcoal fibers, nylon, and Polyester that not only increase circulation but also comfortable to wear. The band will help to reduce swelling of the abdomen and uterus and will promote faster healing. Subsequently, this Belly Wrap has soft partial cotton lining as well as shorter height; thus, it will not dig into your skin or rides up when you sit.

This band is completely adjustable with on/off Velcro that lets you to customize your tightness and fit. With this product, it is going to help you to speed up healing, recovery, and help reduce abdominal separation, swelling, and inflammation.

What We Liked:

  • Helps to promote healing and reduce swelling
  • Has shorter height and soft partial cotton lining to reduce riding up when you sit
  • Completely adjustable for you to customize the fit and tightness.
  • Assist you in reducing inflammation and abdominal separation

What We Didn’t Liked:

  • More expensive than other brands

Factors to consider when purchasing the best Postpartum Belly Wraps


Always go for the right size, look for one that is not too loose or too tight. A good brand is the one that is versatile and can support many sizes.


A good Belly Wrap is the one that has a high-quality construction that will not irritate your skin. Also, consider the one that is breathable to offer better air circulation.


Because belly wrap is normally worn under clothing, go for one that is has a good design and material for it to remain discrete.


Look for a belly wrap that is easy to wear and remove. It should take less time and effort to wear.


The best Belly Wrap is well designed and provides convenience, comfort, and it likewise user-friendly. It lasts through many washes and does not get dirty easily.


These Postpartum Belly Wraps will help you to regain your shape within no time. They are not only suitable for waist, abdominal, and hips needs but also influencing the confidence that you require as a mother. Get yours today, and enjoy a fresh look again.

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