Top 10 Best Smart Door Locks in Reviews

Whether you want to simplify your life or you often lose your keys, a smart lock is the right accessory to acquire. These connected device does not only get rid of the need of the keys but some advance models have the potential of unlocking the door automatically when you approach and locks it after you are inside. Aside from that, the smart door lock makes it easy to share temporary entry to your home for certified users like visitors, workers, or the dog walker. Now that is exactly what we refer to as smart!

We have tested and sampled out dozens of smart door locks to find the best models. In the end, we managed to bring together a list of the top 10 best smart door locks you want to consider. Also with that, we put together a list of key factors you need to consider before spending your hard-earned money. Let’s find out what each model offers.

10. KING FORCE Keyless Entry Easy-To-Install Auto-Alarm Keypad Deadbolt Lock

You can keep your entire family safer at all times with King Force smart door lock. This unit comes with a detailed instructional manual that makes it easier for you to install it with only a screwdriver. It has two entrance ways through a password or a key making it easier for you to gain entry even when you forget your key. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to lock your at night because it automatically locks after a certain set time. Additionally, the auto alarm function will also beep and alert you once someone tries to crack the code and tries unlocking your door.


  • Ideal for use at all times with the solid lock cylinder
  • Eliminates cracking codes with its simple design
  • Has 50 user codes for use by your entire family
  • The backlit allows you to operate at night


  • Takes more than 10 minutes to install

9. Hugolog Auto-Locking Easy-to-Install Deadbolt Keypad Keyless Entry Lock Electronic

If you are looking for a high-quality smart door lock then you can put your trust in this model by Hugolog. It is designed from high-quality aluminum materials that are strong and long-lasting. Installation is such a pretty easier task because it will take you a few minutes only requiring a screwdriver. Whenever the battery is less than 20% it will always remind you to charge your battery. Additionally, with the help of the backlit, you can operate this lock during the darkest moments. Since it is made waterproof, it is ideal for use during outdoor events without any damages.


  • Allows you to create 20 unique codes for family access
  • Has a lightweight design making it more portable
  • Enables you to enter your room without a key
  • You can create a fake pin to fool strangers


  • The setup is a bit confusing

8. Aibocn 1-Touch Motorized 10 User Codes Keyless Entry Door Lock Smart Deadbolt

Never worry about forgetting to lock your sweet home because Aibocn smart door lock is all here for you. It will automatically lock your door after some time if you forget to lock it. With up to 10 user codes, you can easily program it for the convenience of your entire family members. In case you are with someone while unlocking you’re then you can play some tricks by entering random numbers before entering the real digits. Additionally, if someone enters the password wrongly for three consecutive times, it will alert you. Better still, it will alert whenever the battery runs low.


  • Comes with clear and easy to understand instructions
  • Suitable for use on both left and right hinged doors
  • Requires only a screwdriver for installation
  • Only weighs 1.92 pounds thus more portable


  • No Cons so far

7. SCHLAGE Keyless Convenience Fingerprint-Resistant Touch Century smart Lock

All your friends and family members can easily access your house with Schlage smart door lock. This equipment does not require any wiring thus it will take you the shortest time possible to install it. The touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant to avoid anyone accessing your private codes. With only a weight of 3.31 pounds, you can never feel it’s weight while installing it. Better still, it has a two-year battery life with 9V battery backup to avoid regular battery replacements. Also, it allows you to create 19 different codes which it easier for your loved ones to gain entry into your house.


  • Designed from quality materials that last long
  • Has an electronic lever option for use in the garage
  • Made sturdy for safer and stable unlocking
  • The numbers are down lit when it is dark


  • The numbers lack backlit

6. SAMSUNG SHS-3321 Keyless Electronic Deadbolt Digital Door Lock (Black)

Whether you need to install a lock on your apartment or office building, you can try out Samsung smart door lock. You can program up to 71 user codes for easy access by all those well known to you. For added security, you will be required to enter both the passcode and RFID tag to open the door. With the double locking feature, the door cannot be easily unlocked from outside using the key. Additionally, you can secure your home when your family is away because the alarm is turned whenever anyone is trying to unlock it from the inside. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones.


  • Designed from dust and water-resistant components
  • Has a sleek design thus can be used in varied places
  • Stops operating for 3 minutes after failed attempts
  • Alerts you when the battery runs lower


  • The magnetic sensor clip can break easily

5. Kwikset 99380-002 Wi-Fi Smart Halo Wi-Fi Electronic Keypad Deadbolt (Venetian Bronze)

Kwikset smart door look is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all locking needs. It can easily be connected to your home Wi-Fi to conveniently secure your entire home. Depending on your needs, you can create up to 250 user codes for use by your friends and family members. From your smartphone, you can receive all notifications about recent activities. With smart key security, you are well protected from advanced break-in techniques. Furthermore, you can use the one-time user codes for users who only require a single instance of getting to your house.


  • Has a good finishing to complement your decor
  • Well certified to meet all your safety needs
  • The secure mode can temporarily disable it
  • You can lock and unlock it from anywhere


  • The app only works in the US and Canada

4. SCHLAGE Camelot Trim Wi-Fi Encode Smart Deadbolt w/Interior Lever (Satin Nickel)

Let your entire family have temporary or permanent access to your house with Schlage smart door lock. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi which allows you to lock and unlock your door at any place at any time. With Alexa, you can check on your lock status and always beware of your battery percentage. This optional voice control is more convenient compared to leaving fingerprints behind while using your hands. Any security breaches at the lock automatically turn on the inbuilt alarm technology. Installation is such a hassle-free task because you will only need a screwdriver.


  • Easier to operate using the Schlage home app
  • Alexa lets you know of the remaining battery
  • Allows you to create up to 100 user codes
  • The built-in Wi-Fi ensures easier setup


  • Only one user can access the app

3. ARDWOLF 304 Stainless Steel A60 Fingerprint Keyless Entry Biometric Digital Keypads

Whenever you will be, you will always have peace of mind by installing Ardwolf smart door lock. It is designed from high-grade stainless steel materials well known for their strength, durability, and rust-resistant. You can easily unlock it using your fingerprint, code, or keys depending on your needs. All your guests including baby sitters and employees can leave at a certain time by unlocking the door at certain times. Even better, it can be used in the office or busy shops by setting it on open mode for anyone to open the door. You can as well register up to 200 access codes for easy access.


  • Able to distinguish fake and real fingerprints
  • Reads your fingerprint within a short time
  • Takes a few minutes to fully install it
  • The alarm rings when the battery level is low


  • Takes some time to program it

2. SCHLAGE Century TrimBuilt-in Wi-Fi Encode Smart Door Lock Deadbolt (Matte Black)

Keeping your house well safeguarded even while you are away is the best thing to do. Schlage smart door lock has an inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows pairing with the Schlage app and managing up to 100 users at the same time. It ensures a faster setup without any additional adapters or hubs. Using Alexa, you can easily check the status of your door and battery level. Moreover, the capacitive touchscreen is way too easy to operate without retaining your fingerprints after use. In case it senses anyone trying to force himself or herself in the alarm will be automatically be activated.


  • Battery indicator offers you a battery warning
  • Available in different styles to match decors
  • Installation only requires a screwdriver
  • Has voice control for hands-free tasks


  • Only uses alkaline batteries

1. YALE Assure Lock Home Kit SL Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock w/Touchscreen (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Everyone will always prioritize the safety of their loved ones and that’s why you might want to try out this smart door lock by Yale security. It is equipped with a touchscreen keypad that makes it easier to operate this unit. This keypad has a backlit to allow you to operate it even in the dark. The Yale app access enables you to unlock, lock, share access, and check all that’s going on from any place. Besides, you can use voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa to avoid hand operations. While in enable auto-lock mode, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to close your door since it will always be locked behind you.


  • Without a phone, you can unlock using a code
  • Sends your notifications of any arrivals
  • Works with most standard sized doors
  • 100% keyless to avoid any keys to lose


  • Wi-Fi setup is not very smooth

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Smart Door Lock

Indeed, smart door locks are superior devices, however, they still have to offer a very low job of keeping your home secure. As you pin down the options, please pay attention to the following three factors.


Some smart door locks are made to be installed over your current deadbolt on the inner side of the door, while other models take over the existing deadbolt. As such, it will hide the complexity of the setup as well as the look of your door from the outside.

Remote Control

Well, smart door locks can either be Bluetooth-enabled or Wi-Fi enabled (or both in some instances). If you want to be in a position to control the lock from anywhere, then a Wi-Fi lock is the best model to opt for. With Bluetooth-enabled models, you need to be within closer proximity of the lock to have full control via your smartphone.


Do you need your smart door lock to be integrated with larger smart home devices, to be in a position to do things like program appliances at home? If yes, you need to ascertain that the smart lock you choose works seamlessly with your smart home appliances. Whether it is Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa, you need to go for a smart home lock.


Overall, smart door locks give a wide range of convenience and security. And without contradiction, they are the initial line of defense for your home, and therefore, they need to be reliable. These units can work seamlessly with an existing deadbolt, and better still, the installation is simple and straightforward. Whether you need the one that works well even when you are not at home or the one that controls all the smart devices at home, the list above has all your needs covered. We have listed the positive and negative points for each product, be sure to put straight what matters most to you. Always stick with us!

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