Top 10 Best Soccer Rebounders in Reviews

Soccer has become one of the most popular games in the world today. Most soccer players try their best to gain more skills for a more enjoyable game. With this, you’ve to practice and master soccer skills such as shooting and passing. Soccer rebounders help you to achieve all that. The rebounder net returns the ball to you to a closed position when you kick the ball against this net. It acts as a second player for your child, allowing them to get more acquainted with the art of passing, striking, volleying and many more.

So, how can you ensure that you pick the best soccer rebounder with the much confusing brands? This has been brought about by competitors who try to market their products without considering how beneficial the product will be to the buyer. If you need to get the most out the soccer rebounders, then it would wise to choose the brands without looking at their price. Based on several features such as size, weight, assembly ease, durability and more, we have compiled the top 10 best soccer rebounders to aid you throughout your training period.

#10. PowerNet Dual Side Solo & Team Training Fast Pass Rebounder Soccer Trainer 6x4 fts

Are you looking forward to practising soccer all by yourself? Well, Power net soccer rebounder will get you all the needed skills. It has a spacious training surface that enables you to work on volleys with the front side, whereas the backside aids during ground games below your knees. You can use it for solo practice at home or any other training place. Additionally, it helps you to improve fast and slow passes since it returns the ball to you as you desire. Assembly is a hassle-free task because it does not require any extra tool; thus, it will take you some few minutes to set it up. Also, it comes with a zippered bag that enables you to carry this unit from place to place.

What We Like

  • Fully collapsible for easier transport and storage purposes
  • Comes with great assembly instructions for easy setup
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • Only weighs 15 pounds making it more portable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bungee placements are of cheaper materials

#9. RapidFire Easy to Grip Handles Goalkeeper Training Equipment Handheld Soccer Rebounder

If you need an excellent and dependable training tool, all you need is this soccer rebounder from Rapid fire. The frame is constructed from high-quality steel components with a black powder coating that is strong and long-lasting. With the heavy-duty net, you rest assured of a lasting unit that can withstand any erratic bounces at all times. Furthermore, this net has a mesh size of 32mm that makes it more convenient to get a score after thorough training. It comes with a carry bag that allows you to carry this whole unit from one training center to another without feeling its weight. You can use it various training grounds like your home backyard or soccer places.

What We Like

  • Equipped with easy to grip handles thus more portable
  • Spacious therefore suitable for goalkeeper training sessions
  • Has double layers to prevent any breakages or wears
  • It takes a few minutes to install to save your setup time

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for more experienced goalkeepers

#8. Porayhut 4 Ft Foldable Portable Soccer Training Pop Up Soccer Goal w/Compact Carrying Bag

You can now make your children and kids embrace soccer even more with Porayhut soccer rebounder. This equipment has a high-quality net with an excellent weaving technology that makes it capable of withstanding erratic bounces. You can now enjoy every shot that you make because the extra-long stainless steel nails keep this unit well grasped to the ground keeping it sturdier. Furthermore, you can use at the beach, backyard, any football field and many other places to improve your soccer skills. You can pick up the soccer game anywhere at any time because this unit quickly assembles and dissembles within some few minutes.

What We Like

  • Uses a two unique-color suture to look more attractive
  • The stainless steel nails are resistant to any rusting
  • Has a foldable design for easier storage purposes
  • Only weighs 1.8 kg thus easier to carry around

What We Didn’t Like

  • No Cons so far

#7. Quickplay Pro Multi-Sport Trainer Rebounder Adjustable Angle Ideal for Solo & Team Training

Why do you have to choose Quickplay soccer rebounder? Well, it’s because of the outstanding features it offers you. Its frame is from high-quality steel materials well known for their strength and durability. It has a surface area of about 45 square feet allowing several players to train at the same time. This adjustable dual-angle rebounder allows several players to pass and receive the ball on the ground or in the air. Moreover, it features a high tension ultra-heavy duty rebound net that can withstand heavy impacts for a more extended period. This makes it ideal for use in various training grounds like soccer camps or school colleges.

What We Like

  • The rubber feet make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor events
  • Allows for solo practice to develop passing and receiving skills
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and steady soccer playtimes
  • Available in three different sizes to choose from

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit of a pain to get it all together

#6. Tekk Trainer Easy Setup Adjustable Angle Rebounder Goal for Soccer Basketball Lacrosse & Baseball

There is no need to practice with your teammates because Tekk soccer rebounder allows for solo soccer practice. It has an extensive training surface area of up to 40 square feet that enables you to practice more conveniently without any limitations of space. Not only does it help you to train but also strengthen weaker feet, practice side volleys and many more. Additionally, you can use it while playing volleyball, basketball, baseball and lacrosse. The heavy-duty 3mm-thick steel brackets are strong enough to keep the whole structure standing at all times. All the brackets and tubing are coated with powder components that prevent scratching and rusting.

What We Like

  • Angle adjusts to seven different positions to suit your needs
  • Made from high-grade aluminum and steel materials
  • Can be easily folded when you need to transport it
  • Sets up within five minutes thus saves your time

What We Didn’t Like

  • The manual isn’t well-instructed

#5. SKLZ Goal Target Goalshot Soccer Training Aide for Scoring & Finishing w/4 Scoring Zones

If you are looking for a high-quality soccer rebounder, this model from Sklz is the best choice in the market. This unit helps to improve both the vision and the muscle memory of the players while scoring their goals. Its versatility allows it to perform functions such as cones and targets, in which goalies cannot perform. It features four scoring zones that help the players identify the ideal points where goalkeepers cannot reach. This helps them to score their goals so quickly because it offers instant feedback. The players are now able to visualize their shots by automatically blocking the shots that are outside the scoring area.

What We Like

  • Weighted with metal chains at the bottom to keep it sturdier
  • The zipper is of high-grade materials thus do not break easily
  • Comes with a carry bag to ease transport needs
  • Can be easily set up within some few minutes

What We Didn’t Like

  • The corner targets are too smaller

#4. QUICKPLAY Target Soccer Rebounder Perfect for Solo & Team Training w/Free Training App

Are you looking for a more portable soccer rebounder? Look no further than Quickplay soccer rebounder. This item only weighs 13.5 pounds, making it easier for you to carry from one place to another without feeling its weight. With the innovative flexi-post technology, you rest assured of a hassle-free setup that takes some few minutes and a lighter frame. The poles come when they are pre-attached, making it easier to assemble this whole unit. Additionally, it comes with the carry bag that enables you to carry it from one training ground to another. No instructions are needed because this rebounder comes with four easy to assemble parts.

What We Like

  • The flat steel base keeps this entire unit reinforced at all times
  • You can set it up on training grounds or your home backyard
  • Equipped with high tension technology for easy deformation
  • Can be used by all players regardless of their playing levels

What We Didn’t Like

  • The steaks aren’t big enough to hold down after several kicks

#3. Franklin Sports 12 x 6 ft Soccer Bounce Back Rebounding Net for Backyard Soccer Practice

Do you need to enhance your soccer skills? Well, get yourself Franklin sports soccer rebounder. It is constructed from high-grade powder-coated steel materials that are well known for their strength and durability. With the precision-fit locking pins, you can quickly and safely assemble this unit within some few minutes. Additionally, it helps you to develop precise kicking, targeting and more rebounding skills to enable you to win each match. You can use it during all weather conditions because it is designed for rugged use and dependability at all times. Also, you can set it up in various places such as backyards, club soccer practice fields, youth leagues and many more.

What We Like

  • Allows you to score more often because it has a larger size
  • Has a double-sided design to support multiple players
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last longer
  • Comes with extra fasteners that keep it sturdier

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit heavier compared to the Quickplay model

#2. Goalrilla Ultra-Responsive Double-Sided Striker Rebound Trainer w/Net & Goal

When it comes to a more durable soccer rebounder, no brand can outshine this model from Goalrilla. The frame is constructed from high-quality powder-coated steel whereas its net is made of nylon materials with a longer usage life. Different players with different skills can use it, this makes it ideal for use by teams of all ages at home or on the field. You can use it to enhance various soccer skills such as receiving, throw-ins, trapping and many more to improve significantly on your shooting skills. Moreover, the net is fixed to the frame with an elastic cord that provides an entire surface with a rebounding effect.

What We Like

  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable soccer operations
  • The instructions are well laid down for easy assembly
  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • Well designed to ensure that it retains its shape

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit difficult to put the net in place

#1. PodiuMax 2-in-1 6 Ft x 4.7 Ft Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer for Soccer Passing & Solo Skills

Podiumax soccer rebounder is equipped with a wide range of features that enables you to gain more soccer skills. This versatile unit helps to improve your tossing power, enhance ball striking skills, increase leg strength and more. It has 2 in 1 design that enables two trainers to use it at the same time to allow you to play like a pro. Also, you can use it to practice half volley and volleys so that you would not have to chase after and retrieve balls every time. It comes with a carry bag that allows you to carry it from one place to another. Its weight of only 15.5 pounds also contributes to its portability. This makes it an ideal gift for a friend or family member who loves playing soccer.

What We Like

  • You can use it on your home backyard or any training grounds
  • Can be assembled and dissembled within few minutes
  • Made more lightweight as compared to other models
  • Allows you to control the ball from your head to toe

What We Didn’t Like

  • It slides when installed on a carpeted floor

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Soccer Rebounder


A good soccer rebounder should be able to withstand erratic bounces for long. This is all made possible with high quality and strong unit. Most of these rebounders have their frame constructed from high-grade steel materials that are durable and strong. The net is also made of high-quality nylon component to endure several shots. Therefore, you should consider picking a rebounder net that allows for more extended usage.


Different soccer rebounder has different weights to suit different needs. If your training is far from your home and you require frequent travels to go training, you might want to consider a lightweight rebounder. If you plan on training your home backyard, then weight could not be an essential feature because you can do it with a heavier rebounder. Most of these soccer rebounder comes with a carry making them more portable. A lightweight soccer rebounder is more comfortable to carry from one place to another as compared to a heavier unit.


Soccer rebounders are available in different sizes, and your choice will wholly depend on your needs. If you are up to a solo practice, then you might want to consider a relatively large rebounder. If you need to involve your teammates, it would be best to consider a larger unit. Most of these rebounders can be easily folded, and you might want to consider their size after the foldup. An ideal unit should have a compact size when folded to save you on storage space.


No one would choose a unit that would take much of their time to assemble. Most these unit comes when almost fully assembled; thus, it will take you some few minutes to fully set it up. It will take you about 5-10 minutes to assemble and disassemble these units; therefore, in turn, saves your time. A unit that dissembles quickly means that you can easily fold it and pack it in the carry bag and be on the training grounds in time.


A soccer rebounder allows you to train more conveniently and with passion in the backyard or any other training ground to acquire the best skills. Depending on your preferences, taste and needs, you might consider choosing one brand over the other. That is not a big issue because the above compilation consists of the best brands in the market. Therefore, you need to choose a model that your kid will grow into because you might be training the most professional gamers in the future. Since we have made all your work more comfortable, you only need to go through the above selection and settle with one.

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