Top 10 Best Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powders in Reviews

Having whitened teeth offer you the confidence to smile in front of friends and other people. At least you can laugh freely without the need of covering your mouth. Even so, getting and maintaining those white teeth is not an easy process, it requires great effort and patience. Essentially, regular consumption of things such as chocolate, cigarettes, wine, tea, and coffee brings some negative impact on the look of your teeth. In most cases, they make our teeth look dull and at times discolored. The great solution for regaining back white teeth is by using teeth whitening charcoal powder. Such products are known to whiten your teeth easily and will leave you with fresh, clean, and healthy gums and breathe.

There is a wide range of teeth whitening charcoal powder being offered in the market, and not all options are the best. But upon reviewing dozens of choices, we decided to bring to your attention the top 10 best teeth whitening charcoal powders in the market today. In addition to that, we have also included a buyer’s guide at the tail end of this post. Let us embark on the list.

10. Cosmetic Element 1 Oz natural Toothpaste Freshens Breath Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

Activated charcoal whitening powder is gaining its popularity as a remedy for dental health. This popularity is accelerated by the effectiveness of this whitening powder in eliminating bad breath, harmful germs, and stains from the teeth. It is obtained from its natural form and is a safer and healthier way of getting your teeth clean. Cosmic elements in the activated charcoal powder formula are derived from high-quality coconut sources. It is safe to use in the whitening of teeth and does not cause any reaction with your gums. These elements will naturally whiten your teeth, unlike the harsh dental-grade peroxides. They also act as the best sources of detoxifiers and purifiers.


  • It helps to combat bacteria, bad breath, cavities, and plaque
  • Contains absorption qualities for easy stain removal
  • Composed of safe and pure ingredients
  • It has fragrance and pleasant taste


  • It is relatively less effective compared to other whitening paste

9. MY MAGIC Mud 1.06 Oz Ultra-Fine No Fluoride Brightening Polishing Whitening Charcoal Powder

Did you know that the first thing most people notice after the meeting is the smile? Well, that is why MY MAGIC MUD is here to offer you your ultimate teeth look. This product allows you to smile each and every moment of your life. In addition, the product has been medically proven, you have nothing to fear. Also, it removes surface stains with ease. Additionally, it is verified enamel safe. As if that is not enough, it is fluoride-free, SLS-free, and glycerin-free. Moreover, it is certified cruelty-free and vegan free.


  • Hipster approved and vegan-free certified
  • Can whiten and polish your teeth safely
  • No glutens, no GMOs, no SLS
  • Doesn’t have gritty flavors


  • Takes time for the result to be seen

8. Aotto Whitener & Brightener Activated Charcoal Powder Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

If you’re looking forward to getting the best teeth whitening charcoal powder, Aotto natural teeth whitening powder is the ideal product to get. This powder can fully get rid of tea, coffee, tobacco, and wine stains. Additionally, it improves oral health and breath. Other than this, this product is from the purest sources and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like artificial colors with no fluoride. Furthermore, it is easy to use; with no complicated procedures. So, what makes you not to grab this helpful product? Smile like never before!


  • Get rid of coffee, tea, and wine stains
  • Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals
  • Whiten and brighten your teeth
  • Easy to use


  • It’s not ideal for sensitive teeth

7. Avistar 2 Oz Natural Teeth Fresh Breath & Healthy Gums Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder

Avistar teeth whitening teeth powder is formulated to improve gum health, clean, polish, freshen breath, and polish teeth. It enables teeth whitening and detoxification with no harsh chemical and is fully free from artificial colors, GMOs, fluoride, preservatives, and animal testing. Other than this, this product uses the purest form of activated charcoal from coconut. In addition, it comes with an easy to follow instructions. If you want to smile freely in any place, this is the product to look forward to. You’ll never regret paying for this high performing product!


  • Includes baking soda that helps combat discoloration
  • Quite easy to follow instructions and use
  • Clean and offer you a refreshing feel
  • Whitens your teeth naturally


  • Work as per your expectations (no cons)

6. White Glo Fresh Mint Clean Deep Stains Highly Absorbent Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

With their aim being to make everybody smile, White Glo uses 100 percent activated charcoal to perfectly whiten teeth. As if that is not enough, it also comes with a sweet mint flavor. The main work of the activated charcoal is to draw out stains, fight bad breath, removes trap color particles, and whiten teeth enamel. Even if you have sensitive teeth, this product is suitable for you. The better part of it all is the fact that this product is sugar-free, vegan-free, and gluten-free. You can rest assured to see whiter teeth after a few uses.


  • Does not contain any strong chemicals
  • Can be messy but a breeze to clean
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Offer quick results


  • A bit messy to use

5. Burt's Bees 20g Teeth Whitening Removing Surface Stains Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

Without much effort, you can get your teeth whiter than never before with Burt’s bees teeth whitening charcoal powder. It is made from coconuts which help to get rid of surface stains to achieve a more beautiful smile. With its simple formulation, you are assured of gentle use to avoid any teeth or gum damages. This powder helps to lighten any stains caused by coffee, tea, wines, or any other drinks. If you use it appropriately, you see noticeable differences after using it for about 2 weeks. Not only does it help to whiten your teeth but also aids in relieving any tooth or gum pain.


  • Requires using a small amount thus lasts long
  • Can be used to clean sensitive teeth and more
  • Has a good flavor for a more comfortable use
  • Dissipates coffee stains within 3 days of use


  • The messes take time to clean them up

4. Zen Charcoal Free Scoop 12 Oz All Natural Whitens Teeth Hardwood Trees Teeth Whitening Powder

Zen charcoal teeth whitening charcoal powder features all that you need to keep your mouth healthy. It is designed from natural hardwood trees that help to whiten and clean your teeth naturally. Inside the bag is a free scoop that makes it more convenient to collect this powder at any time. This powder lasts longer because the resalable container prevents any air from getting in. The instructions are clearly spelled out to ensure that you obtain the desired results. Not only can you use it whiten your teeth but also maintain healthy skin and hair. The container only weighs 12 ounces making it easier to carry it with you while going anywhere to keep whitening your teeth.


  • Easy to use since you only need to keep your brush
  • Free from weird tastes, smells, odors, and so on
  • Eases pain and itching on burns and wounds
  • Delivers desired results within 1-2 weeks


  • It can be very messy sometimes

3. Primal Life Organics 1 Oz 200 Uses Black Peppermint Dirty Mouth Teeth Whitening Powder

The best thing with Primal life organics teeth whitening charcoal powder is that it promotes stronger and healthier teeth. It makes use of earthen clay to clean and whiten your teeth whereas as strong as possible. This powder comes in 9 different tasty flavors to choose from to ensure that you pick the best. Additionally, it removes any stains and discoloration caused by tea, coffee, wine, soda, and many other drinks. Since it has no abrasive effects, you can gently polish, whiten, and refresh your teeth to avoid any breakages or tooth decays. A pack of 1oz can be used for about 600 times to save you on costs.


  • Made from natural materials thus ideal for daily use
  • Gets rid of any sensitivities to get eating all foods
  • Makes your mouth feeling cleaner and fresher
  • Can be used by kids since it is safe to swallow


  • A bit gritty on the mouth

2. Active Wow Paraben-Free Organic Ingredients Organic Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

That favorite smile is made brighter and more appealing with Active wow teeth whitening charcoal powder. It is made naturally from organic products that are free from harmful substances such as parabens and gluten. This refined powder whitens your teeth at a faster rate and helps to remove any stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, or any other drinks. To achieve the best results all you need to do is to brush, rinse, and chill out regularly. With minimal instructions and steps, you are good to go. You can get this as a gift for a friend or a family member with discolored teeth.


  • Made from natural products with no side effects
  • Leaves your teeth white and your breath fresh
  • Easier to use with no weird taste or smell
  • Results are much visible after the first use


  • Can cause some sensitivities

1. OralWellness Fresh Mint Tooth Shine Natural Teeth Stain Remover & Remover Clay Powder

You are now assured of a whiter and brighter smile with OralWellness teeth whitening charcoal powder. It has white kaolin clay powder that protects your enamel from any damage whereas whitening, cleaning, and polishing your teeth. Food and drinks such as red wine and coffee can sometimes stain your teeth therefore this white kaolin clay has proofed whitening capabilities. Better still, it aids in demineralization and restoring back any lost minerals by delivering them to where they are needed. It is available in 2 Oz jars which can be used for up to 200 times or over 3 months when used 2 times in a day.


  • Works gently in your enamel to avoid any damages
  • Removes any hardened plaque for cleaner teeth
  • Lightweight making it easier to carry it with you
  • Free from any harmful substances thus safer


  • The cinnamon flavor is not that strong

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder


Ingredients play a crucial role when it comes to determining the performance of a teeth whitening charcoal powder. It’s therefore paramount to choose a brand that is trustworthy and offer high performing whitening powder. Basically, you want to choose the powder that has natural ingredients with no harmful substances. We say so because natural ingredients are effective, mild, and don’t bring any side effects.

Size of the Jar/Quantity

Unless it’s your first time using whitening charcoal powder, it’s recommended that you opt for a large-sized jar. We say this because it has been noted that purchasing a big-sized jar of teeth whitening powder is way more economical than opting for smaller-sized quantities. Plus, it’s very convenient knowing that you’ll not have to purchase each time.

Powder Effectiveness

Well, the best whitening charcoal powder will offer you excellent results quickly. And this should be the aim of everyone. In that case, the most whitening charcoal powder that we have set forth delivers incomparable results. So, when purchasing the best whitening charcoal powder, ensure to know how long it takes to offer the desired results. In that case, you can check on the performance on the kit by the label on the jar.

Ease of Rinsing

Truly, some charcoal powders are highly messy; thus, you may force to take a lot of time cleaning them. Therefore, if you don’t want to be involved in such messes, ensure to go for a kit that is very easy to clean off after you’re done brushing. In that respect, check on the label to ensure it rinses off with ease.


If you read through the review and guide above, you can bet to settle with the best teeth whitening charcoal powder. We trust in the performance of the items we have offered you. Plus, we’ve exhausted all you need to know in the buyer’s guide. The interesting part is that the laid down choices are cost-friendly – with a shoestring budget, you can still acquire the best of the best product to whiten your teeth. Welcome back for more exciting products!

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