Top 10 Best Tongue Jacks in Reviews

Unlike in the recent past where hitching and unhitching of trailers were done using manual jacks during a breakdown, it’s now possible with an electric trailer jack. This device is the ultimate solution in case of a vehicle breakdown. Because vehicles can breakdown when you least expect, you need to brace up for any eventuality with the best tongue jack. Having the best trailer jack in your truck allows you to stay ahead of any occurrence – you’ll never get late to your destination just because of a truck breakdown.

The electric trailer jack is important today like never before. Most truck drivers know the importance of keeping time, therefore, a tongue trailer should be a must-have tool in your truck. Even so, it isn’t an easy task for truck owners to choose the best tongue jack to suit their needs. This is where this article comes into play. We’ve researched dozens of these tools but what caught our interest are the top 10 best tongue jacks in reviews.

The fruits of our labor are at your disposal.

10. Fulton 1500lbs Capacity Steel XPD15L0101 Dual Wheel Swivel Trailer Tongue Jack

Fulton trailer jack can be suitably used together with utility trailers and marine. This brand of tongue jack has been time-tested and proven in its application. It has a superior plating that plays a very important role in protecting the jack against corrosion. Each package of this brand of tongue jack comes with all the vital mounting hardware up and including ½ an inch pull pin. This tongue jack uses heavy-duty steel stampings and pushing materials for mounting of the bolt-through swivel with maximized support and minimal deflection. It can support a lift capacity of up to 1500 lbs. Finally, it is constructed using dual sturdy wheels which measures 6 inches each.

What We Like

  • Has a maximum weight capacity of up to 1500 lbs.
  • Mounted with bolts and has minimal deflections
  • Has superior plating to protect against corrosion
  • The package comes with its hardware for mounting

What We Didn’t Like

  • The handle could break without servicing

9. Buyers Products 12V 0093500 3500lbs Medium Electric Jack Ideal for RVs (Black)

This electric tongue jack uses 12V electric power to lower, level, or raise your trailer. It is fitted with a pre-wired 48 inched trailer connector to supply power for use in any quick operation. The Jack can power up to 18 inches tongue weighing 3500 lbs. It also has an additional 6 inches for manual releasing using the extension of the drop leg. The buyers Product jack has been mounted to fit an A-frame for maximum lift support. Other noticeable features for the jack are the LED lighting for night visibility and leveling gauge that is built inside the tongue jack. Further, the foot is plaited with a zinc finish.

What We Like

  • It is weather resistant with a durable finish
  • Can rise maximally to a 24-inch height
  • Fitted with an in-built leveling gauge
  • Has LED lights for night visibility

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is cheaply made

8. RAM White EJ-3520-WBX Durable 3500lbs Electric Trailer Jack w/Drop Leg

RAM Power jack is a heavy-duty tongue jack with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 3500 lbs. It is operated using a flip switch. This flipping of the switch makes its operation a breeze. With a bright LED lighting system, you will easily and comfortably spend your hookup time at night. Gears are made of durable and hardened steel material, therefore, giving it a longer lifespan of normal usage. The inner tube is coated with zinc finish while the outer tube is coated with durable black powder. In case there is a power loss, you can manually operate it using a crank handle. Further, it has a drop leg for any additional adjustment.

What We Like

  • Has a crank handle for use in override when there is power loss
  • Bright lights for ease of use at night
  • Setup is for use with 12V battery
  • Build with durable steel gears

What We Didn’t Like

  • Highly prone to jamming

7. WEIZE 12V DC 23 5/8Inch Lift Heavy-Duty Power Tongue Jack Electric Trailer Jack w/Drop Leg

This is a heavy-duty tongue jack that delivers up to an 18-inch lift. It can maximally lift a weight of up to 3500 lbs. the electric jack allows you to lower or raise any type of A-frame trailer with a simple button push. It is much easier and quicker compared to hand cranking. This will greatly help you in saving energy and time that could have been used in operating manual crank. Additional features for this tongue jack are the adjustable drop-leg, LED lights for safety, and a low maintenance gear motor with 12V DC. This tongue jack is compatible with all types of trailers.

What We Like

  • Easy and quick to use compared to hand cranking
  • Designed with LED lights for more safety
  • Has adjustable drop leg
  • Fits all types of trailers

What We Didn’t Like

  • Has a two-wire design instead of one

6. Quick Products JQ-3500 Heavy-Duty Water-Resistant White Electric Tongue Jack

Are you having a night hookup with your friends? You don’t have to worry anymore because this tongue jack is equipped with LED lights that give you clear visibility. A clever shield for direction keeps the LED lights shining towards the job you are doing. The cover of every jack is made of heavy-duty vinyl material. This will conveniently and safely protect the jack from all elements. Each jack is topped up with a handy leveling cap that is suitable for setting the rig into the most suitable level. Furthermore, this cap remains intact ready for use during your travel.

What We Like

  • The cover is made of vinyl cover making it weatherproof
  • Housing is designed with sleek plastic material
  • LED lights enhance working at night
  • Has a higher lift capacity of 3650 lbs.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a little bit slower compared to other jacks

5. Uriah Products 5000lbs 12V DC 7-Way Connector uc500010 Electric Trailer Jack

All your towing jobs are now made easier and more convenient with Uriah products tongue jack. It has a one-piece plastic housing that keeps water substances out from damaging the inner parts. This unit is equipped with LED lights making it ideal for use in darker environments. Ideally, the power button is easier to operate and anyone can switch it on or off without facing any difficulty. With the attached 7 way connector, you can easily install this unit within a few minutes. Additionally, the over-sized footplate ensures extra stability for sturdier towing operations.

What We Like

  • Has a ball screw design that increases lifting efficiency
  • Automatic thermal protection prevents overheating
  • The bracket below ensures convenient storage
  • Equipped with a cap to keep off dust particles

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slowly performs lifting operations

4. Stromberg Carlson JET-3755 3500lbs 2 3/16Inch Heavy Wall Electric Tongue Jack w/Light

If you are looking for a high-quality tongue jack, this brand by Stromberg Carlson is the best choice in the market. It is designed from heavy components that assure you of a strong and long-lasting unit. With a clear instructional manual, you can now install this whole device within a few minutes and you are good to go. The plastic cover prevents dust and water particles from damaging the inner parts. Besides that, it operates quietly without producing any weird sounds during operations. This makes it an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your loved ones who perform lifting operations.

What We Like

  • Has an adjustable foot for convenient operations
  • Equipped with LED lights for night time use
  • Ensures easy leveling with the bubble level
  • Performs lifting tasks at a faster rate

What We Didn’t Like

  • Requires a wire terminal to connect to a battery

3. Lippert Components Black 3500lbs 285318 4 LED Lights 18Inch Stroke Power Tongue Jack

You can now lift or lower the RV trailer without facing any difficulty with Lippert components tongue jack. It is equipped with 4 LED lights that ensure greater illumination during darker and emergency moments. With the increased tube diameter, this jack assures you of a 3500-pound rating. Moreover, all the mounting hardware, manual crank, and pins are included making it easier for you to install it within a few minutes. The textured casing protects the chips and cracks from any damages for long usage life. Also, you are assured of maximum durability with the enhanced rocker switch.

What We Like

  • Available in a black color to match most RV models
  • Raises and lower your trailer with a click of a button
  • The helical cut gears minimize operational noises
  • Well designed to save your time and energy

What We Didn’t Like

  • The controls are not waterproof

2. Husky Weather-Resistant HB4500 Hammer Gray Finish 18Inch Full Stroke Brute Power Jack

Are you looking for a more powerful tongue jack? Look no further than Husky tongue jack. It is equipped with a powerful motor that provides 4500 pounds of continuous lifting capacity for efficient operations. The 6-inch adjustable drop-down leg allows you to extend adjustments to suit a wide variety of terrains. In addition, it fits most A-frame couplers because since it features a 2-1/4 inch main tube. You are as well assured of a higher travel speed because of the moderate gear reduction. Finally, it has a ball screw design that ensures lift efficiency and reduces friction with the ball bearings.

What We Like

  • Storage brackets protect the cord from harsh conditions
  • LED light system lights up the entire working area
  • The ball screw design improves its working life
  • The well-designed motor ensures quiet operations

What We Didn’t Like

  • Has shorter legs

1. Bulldog Black Cover 4000lbs Capacity 500199 Powered Drive A-Frame Tongue Jack

For higher load capacity, strength, and durability, you can put all your trust on Bulldog tongue jack. This unit is constructed from heavy-duty materials with a lift capacity of up to 4000 pounds. The built-in courtesy light offers great illumination during night time for convenient operations. With the emergency manual override, you can continue with your lowering and lifting operations at any time when the battery is drained. Furthermore, the drop leg ensures easy access even in the presence of a weight distribution system. Also, it features a weatherproof casing so that it can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

What We Like

  • Designed from quality materials that are durable
  • Takes some few minutes to fully install it
  • Has a compact design for easier storage
  • Its surfaces are corrosion resistant

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks an auto-shutoff feature

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Tongue Jack


In simple words, you can group the trailer jack into two key types; manual and electric. The former will require much physical effort while the latter requires less physical intervention. Also, an electric jack is a bit costlier than manual options. Even so, manual jacks aren’t much difficult to use as long as you opt for the right model. However, paying for an electric jack is a solid decision to make for long-lasting use.

Weight Capacity

Basically, this means the max downward pressure put on the jack’s hitch ball. That’s why it one of the vital factors you need to consider. Wheels will usually take the most weight, as the jack itself will support only 10 percent to 15 percent of the load. So, if for instance, your jack is calibrated at 1000 pounds, that doesn’t mean it will support only that weight. In the real sense, it can support more, considerable weight than the said weight.


The other factor to consider when shopping for this unit is height. With this, you’ll be certain that your boats or trailer tongue will be able to reach the needed tow hitch. By making sure that the height tongue is ideal, set up and release will be pretty easier.


Lastly, consider your budget when shopping for tongue jack. You should not spend money on any model if it doesn’t offer you the value for your money. In addition, the price doesn’t dictate the quality of a tongue jack.


If you’re looking forward to buying the best quality tongue jack, you need to follow this guide. We’ve listed and discussed the factors you need to pay attention to before parting with your money. Ensure to put your needs at the forefront and stick to your budget. Don’t allow a sudden breakdown on your truck to delay your business. Grab the best model and make your business run smoothly without any hitch. The review above is up to date and we’ll be updating them in case of any changes. Finally, don’t be worried about our ranking, you can make your own ranking based on your needs. Have a wonderful shopping experience!

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