Top 10 Best Weighted Vests in Reviews

The best way of increasing your workout intensity is by wearing a weighted vest. This type of vest will help you by enhancing your speed whenever you’re strengthening your muscles or even training for a race. Besides, weighted vests come in different shapes and sizes with others looking like army gear and life jackets. If you want to take your workout or fitness routine to an extra-mile, don’t hesitate to look for the best-weighted vest. And if you on this course, this article will streamline everything for you.

But first, we need to inform you that not all the weighted vest being offered on the market is the best. There’re numerous parameters that you need to consider before shopping for one. This post provides a breakdown of the top ten rated weighted vests in reviews, plus a buyer’s guide that will keep you on track.Read on to learn more regarding the compilation.

10. TONE FITNESS Functional Stretchy Neoprene 8 Pounds Adjustable Straps Weighted Vest

Tone Fitness weighted vest adds an extra 8lb resistance that will elevate your training exercise to another level. This weighted vest is from a soft and durable neoprene fabric that is very elastic and comfortable. It has even distribution of weight both in the front part and the back of the vest. This evenly distributed weight will facilitate extra comfort during your workout. This weighted vest comes in one single size that fits most. It comes adjustable strap that meets different users’ needs. You can adjust the side straps to create a snug fit into your body. Additionally, the vest has several reflective strips that make it safer for use when there is darkness.


  • Equipped with reflective straps for safety at night
  • Made of ultra-comfortable neoprene material
  • Comes with an adjustable belt circumference
  • It is a unisex weight vest.


  • Does not stay in place if not securely worn

9. RUNmax Pro Durable Comfortable Even Weight Distribution Weighted Vest w/Shoulder Pads

Runmax Runfast is a Pro weighted vest designed with multiple weight adjustments. It comes with adjustable weight options ranging from 12lbs To 60lbs. During your workout, you can add or remove these weights whenever you want. This weighted vest is equipped with optional shoulder pads. This option gives you the freedom to add extra comfort to your shoulders if you desire to. The pockets of this vest are located both in front and at the back. This strategic location of the pockets facilitates even distribution of weight, thus maximizing your comfort during your workout. It also features a bottle holder and phone pocket for more convenience.


  • It features a bottle holder and phone pocket
  • Designed with evenly distributed weight
  • Comes with removable weights
  • Has an option for shoulder pads


  • Emits a bad industrial smell when still new

8. Z ZELUS Dual Storage Pockets Neoprene Rubber Fabric Weighted Vest w/Reflective Stripe

Make Zelus your workout companion if you want to improve your workout results. This is an adjustable and multi-purpose designed to meet the needs of all users. This is ideal workout equipment for supplementing extra weight in your daily workout. It helps in increasing your bone density. Zelus weighted vest has adjustable buckles in the front for securing and stabilizing the vest when you are running, jumping, or lifting. With the integration of elastic storage pockets, you can keep your music player or phone within your reach. Additionally, the reflective strips make this vest safe to use when there is darkness.


  • Designed with mesh pockets on the rear
  • Comes with a detachable storage pocket
  • Made of soft and comfortable material
  • Equipped with elastic straps


  • Does not come with removable weights

7. CAP Barbell Fully Adjustable Nylon & Polyester 20 – 150lbs Regular & Short Weighted Vest

CAP Barbell Weighted Vest is a short workout vest that allows total weight adjustments. It comes with removable weight packets. Each weight packet is made of iron ore fillings weighing 2.5 pounds. This vest is designed with a waist belt which fully adjustable. Also, the shoulder straps are padded to facilitate a secure and snug fit. This vest features several anchor hooks for use during the training of parachute run. With the reflective strips, this vest is more visible while running or walking at night or very early in the morning when it is still dark. This weighted vest is suitable for use by both women and men.


  • It features pockets for holding weighs
  • Equipped with an adjustable belt
  • Comes with removable weights
  • It has padded shoulder straps.


  • Pockets for weights are too smaller.

6. RitFit Good-Quality & Build-in Pockets Neoprene Fabric Adjustable Weighted Vest for Men & Women

RitFit Weighted Vest is an adjustable workout vest made of breathable neoprene material. This vest is engineered to supplement an extra weight and create the effect of overload during distance running, walking, speeding, squatting, quickness, or agility drills. It will help you enhance your efficiency and flexibility and deliver unique training results. The neoprene fabric of this vest eliminates overheating and breathing constriction. This material is resistant to moisture; thus, it keeps you cool and dry during your training session. This vest has been equipped with adjustable straps to provide the right fit for different users. More so, the double stitch design of the vest helps in uniform distribution of the weight and prevention of workout injuries.


  • It is of breathable neoprene material
  • Durable and easy-to-wear
  • VelcroHas convenient meshed pockets
  • Fitted with an adjustable buckle


  • Does not allow weight adjustment

5. ANTIVAFIT Sport Reflective Stripe 8/16lbs Adjustable Strap Body Weight Vest w/Pocket for Workout

Ativafit Sport Vest is a weighted workout vest for both men and women. This weight vest weighs 8lbs/16lbs. and is ideal workout equipment for weight and cardio training. It increases the efficiency and the intensity of your training. Using this weighted vest in your workout helps to accelerate the burning of calories and increase the density of your bones.Additionally, you will be getting rid of excess fats. This fitness vest is filled with high-quality, chemical-free and super-soft sand filling. These sand fillings help in concentrating the weight of the vest in your chest and the upper part of the body. With the adjustable buckles, this vest will firmly fit into your torso. Furthermore, it is equipped with reflective strips for safety during night workouts.


  • Equipped with adjustable buckle straps
  • Filled with high-quality iron sand
  • It is of breathable soft material
  • Fitted with reflective tapes


  • Might be tricky to put on

4. CROSS101 Reliable 20lbs – 80lbs One-Size-Fit-Most Shoulder Pad Option Weighted Vest

Cross101 Weighted Vest is an adjustable workout vest that adds resistance levels to your training exercise. It helps you achieve your desired work results within a short time possible. This weighted vest is suitable for cardio, plyometric, and stationary workouts. It has various weight range that suits different user’s need. Every package of Cross101 vest comes packed with adjustable weights. You will only need to purchase the weight capacity of the vest. This workout weighted vest is designed with user’s flexibility in mind. It allows you to remove the weights and replace them depending on the nature of your workout. Back and front weights of the vest are equally distributed. Additionally, the straps facilitate the easy and quick set-up of the weighted vest.


  • Available with 20lbs-80lbs weight options
  • Comes in a standard size that fits most
  • Every package comes with weights
  • The weights are removable.


  • Not suitable for running

3. Aduro Sport 2 Large Pockets Adjustable 4 – 10 lbs. Weighted Vest for Men & Women

Aduro Sport is an adjustable weighted workout Vest constructed with top quality materials. It has an adjustable weight design. The inner layer of the vest is of special soft and comfortable sweat-proof neoprene material. This material will not slide or slip during any workout. It is a perfect workout equipment for both weight and cardio training. The vest design includes a pair of large storage pockets that provide convenient storage. One of the pockets has a stretching mesh design and located at the back of the vest. The 2nd one is located in the front part and enclosed by the Velcro. Additionally, the vest comes with adjustable weights.


  • It is of sweat-resistant neoprene material
  • Comes with an adjustable weight capacity
  • Designed with a pair of large pockets
  • It has evenly distributed weight.


  • It is too big to run in.

2. ZFOsport Water Bottle Holder 16 Oz One-Size Fit Most 30lbs – 80lbs Weighted Vest

Get rid of the annoying tummy fats with the help of adjustable ZFOsports weighted Vest. It delivers a clever and quick way to increase resistance in your daily workout. This weighted vest will help you accelerate the anticipated results within a very short period. Also, it allows you to choose a befitting weight range between 30lbs. and 80lbs. This sports vest comes with easy to configure accessories. It comes with different removable weights options to choose from. Additional features of this weight vest include the side pocket for keeping your phone or any musical gadget.


  • Designed with a pocket for keeping your phone
  • Equipped with a belt for easy setting
  • Comes in a single size that fits most
  • It is integrated with a bottle holder.


  • Doesn’t fit tight for smaller bodied people

1. miR Machine Washable Air Flow Design Adjustable 20lbs – 60lbs Weighted Vest w/Zipper

MiR Air Flow is a weighted vest with a zippered design. This vest has a hybrid material that allows the free flow of air during your workout routine. Instead of keeping the heat in your body, the vest will absorb your sweat cooling down your body through the exercise. It uses a soft and ergonomic material. This weight vest comes with adjustable and removable weights made from solid irons. You can start exercising with light weights as you keep on progressing. The vest has adjustable straps at the bottom. They can be adjusted to suit the needs of different users. Additionally, this vest is machine washable.


  • Comes with removable and adjustable weights
  • The weights are of solid iron material
  • Equipped with a hybrid to facilitate airflow
  • The vest is machine washable.


  • Velcro straps design is difficult to fasten.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Weighted Vest

Max Weight

The weighted vest comes with specific weight capacity requirements. It’s wise for you to choose the weighted vest that will be able to serve you longer. Other weighted vests come with extra-weight to match the intensive workouts. Even so, in case you need to carry out a simple workout, you can opt for the one that has comes with relatively fewer weights.


The second parameter you want to consider before committing your funds is the materials used in constructing the weighted vest. As such, you want to consider the model that is made from reliable and strong materials. Essentially, the vest that is from neoprene is ideal because they offer long-lasting service. Also, remember that the breathability of the vest is important to ensure you don’t get irritated after you wear it.


You can participate in any activity with a weighted vest that does not allow you to move freely. At least, the unit should allow you to move freely and do some fitness routine like walking, running or jogging with ease. Besides, it should conform to other workouts activities such as cardio, cross-fit, etc. If possible, opt for the model that offers a custom fit.


The last key aspect you need to consider is your set aside a budget for the weighted vest. Before you can decide to buy any weighted vest, it’s a wise idea to have a well-framed budget. In that regard, avoid those cheap models because you may end up shopping for a unit that is not up to the standard.


If you’re set to take your workout to a new different level, the above-weighted vest will help you achieve your aspirations. The choices we’ve listed above are one-size-fits-most, don’t have to fret or worry about the sizing issue. Again, if you’re a lady and you don’t want a heavier vest, we’ve your back, the models that we’ve reviewed cater to the need of all individuals. With the tabled vest, you can bet on durability and reliability because they’re from top-notch materials. Running, walking, or jogging has never yielded such exquisite performance. So, don’t hesitate to pick an ideal choice that will accompany your daily workout routine.

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