Top 10 Best Women Hiking Boots in Reviews

People tend to gravitate to hiking boots because of their ankle support, durability, and due to their effectiveness of keeping your feet dry. So, if you’re a lady and planning to go for a hike, be it into the mountains or hills, a sturdy, good and comfortable pair of hiking boots is necessary. Such gears allow you to walk on all sorts of terrain and, best of all, provide safety for your feet. Primarily, boots play a significant role while you’re on your adventure; therefore, it’s a kit that’s worth investing in.

We’ve researched dozens of women’s hiking boots, and in this post, we’ve narrowed down to the top 10 best women’s hiking boots in reviews. Additionally, at the tail-end of this post, you may want to consider aspects before settling with one of the pair. We urge you to read through this post, and hopefully, you’ll find the pair of your choice.

#10. Hi-Tec Mid-Rise Waterproof Leather/Textile Women's Bandera Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec is a renowned brand in delivering comfortable and lightweight outdoor footwear. Their hiking boot is of high-quality, and that’s why t has received more praise from customers. This quality-made wear is also breathable and comfortable. It features a high-cut design that prevents too much debris or sediments from getting into your shoes. Besides, its durability is incomparable. If you’re looking for a unit that will keep your feet dry through the hiking period, this is the boot to count on. Additionally, they’re true to their sizes; you wouldn’t miss your fit.


  • They’re lightweight to suit hiking activities
  • These boots are stylish for outdoor use
  • Design to stand the test of time
  • It’s a cheaper pair in this list


  • The hooks tend to snap off

#9. Mountain Warehouse Waterproof Mesh Lining Adventurer Women's Hiking Boot

This ingenious women’s boots by Adventurer are suitable for outdoor lovers this season. It’s designed with long-lasting synthetic upper. Also, they’re waterproof and breathable to keep your feet dry at all times. Featuring supportive footbed and outsoles, these boots will grip, protect, and offer comfort for hiking and walking. Deep lugs add additional grip and stability to your footwear. The heel and toe bumpers ensure your footwear last longer. No matter the terrain, this is a rugged gear to go through it. What’s more, it comes with a lighter and durable style to stand all the hikes and camps.


  • Waterproof ensures water doesn’t enter your feet
  • Lighter enough to enable you to maneuver the hikes
  • Keep your feet dry and fresh at all times
  • It has extra-stability and traction


  • Look good but not true to size

#8. XPETI Outdoor Waterproof Thermator Women's Mid High-Top Hiking Boot

Thermator Women’s hiking boots offer unique technology to protect your feet optimally. The innovative design of EVA midsole enables the boots durable, stable, and comfortable. It’s well-insulated to keep your feet warm even during cold weather conditions. Also, if you’re a hiking enthusiast, these boots are an excellent investment because they’ll work correctly in all rocky areas and wet mud. The outer sole is designed such that it grips well on the ground to prevent slipping or sliding. The comfort you’ll feel when wearing these boots is unraveled. Don’t hesitate to make an order for this exceptional pair.


  • EVA midsole is sturdy enough even when carrying a weight
  • It’s comfortable and offers perfect support to your ankle
  • Traction gripping is ideal for hikers
  • Breathable to keep your feet dry


  • Works perfectly, no disadvantage for now

#7. Manfen Lightweight Waterproof Ankle Support High-Traction Grip Hiking Boot

Are you searching for a durable and fitting women’s hiking boots? Manfen hiking boots will offer you an incomparable hiking experience. It features extra-ordinary features that make it outnumber the rest of its competitors. First, it features hydroGuard seam-sealed internal membrane breathable and durable to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable. Apart from that, it boasts a lighter weight construction that offers heel and toecap protection for protection, comfort, and support around the ankle. And when the going gets tough, EVA cup sole using an integrated composite shank offer support to ensure cushioning, durability and shock-absorption.


  • Suitable for walking, hiking, fishing, traveling, etc.
  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry all seasons
  • Offer sufficient support to your feet
  • It’s breathable and reduces odor


  • They may be a bit stiff for some people

#6. Clorts Lightweight Waterproof Suede Leather Women's Pioneer Hiking Boot

Designed with women in mind, Clorts classic women’s hiking boots offer you support all through your hiking time. The pair is tough and lightweight and fits any casual wearing in any terrain you might think of. More precisely, it’s ideal for hiking, backpacking, and trekking, camping, long traveling, and so on. The EVA midsole offers a cushy ride and exception shock-absorption capability. Besides, the rubber toe cap provides protection for your toes from errant roots and rocks that pop up on the road. Even better, the one-piece tongue keeps off debris or gavel from cutting off your day.


  • A great way of keeping your feet dry at all time
  • Delivers perfect support without slipping
  • It’s crafted for a long-distance trek
  • Offers you extra-comfort


  • Very comfortable boots but feel bulky & heavy

#5. Timberland Waterproof Leather & Textile Norwood Mid Women's Hiking Boot

Do you have an ankle fracture, yet you desire to go on hiking? Timberland women’s hiking boot is the best choice. This pair is designed from high-quality leather materials that are well known for their durability. Its upper is made waterproof to keep your feet dry while walking on a wet surface or raining. The tongue is fully gusseted to avoid too much tightness, thus keeps you more comfortable. Its rubber sole is well designed to ensure a reasonable traction force to prevent slipping or sliding. Additionally, it has excellent arch support that keeps your feet safe when you are in heavy downpours. This makes it an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your female friend or family member.


  • Offers more support thus ideal for beginner hikers
  • Made lightweight keep you more comfortable
  • Available in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit
  • Easy to put on and off hence more user friendly


  • The sole is a bit thinner

#4. ARIAT Full-Grain Leather Full-Grain Moisture Wicking Women's Terrain Work Boot

When it comes to high-quality women’s hiking shoes, no brand can outshine this model from ARIAT. This wear is designed from 100% leather materials that are durable. Its sole is made of rubber materials that keep you safe from sliding in slippery surfaces. This outsole has a dual-density Dura tread ensures maximum traction and durability. Moreover, the orthotic footbed is well designed to reduce any heat buildup, thus preventing your feet from sweating. With the resilient EVA compound, you are assured of a whole day to keep you more comfortable. Also, the lace style has an ankle flexion to offer more support, comfort, and perfect fit.


  • The shock-absorbing gel prevents skeletal stress at the forefoot
  • Its upper is breathable to keep your feet dry at all times
  • Has a rugged designed thus can be worn on all surfaces
  • With arch support, you are assured of good posture


  • They aren’t ideal for backpacking

#3. Columbia Waterproof Breathable Mesh Textile Women's Newton Hiking Boot

Are you searching for more comfortable hiking shoes? Search no further than Columbia hiking boats. These boots can be worn on different terrains regardless of how harsh it is since it has a leather and waterproof mesh. The midsole is well cushioned to ensure that you remain comfortable no matter the time you wear them with a combination of both suede and leather materials that keeps away any water droplets. Additionally, the mid-cut offers excellent traction and comfort on different terrains. With the hook and loop closure, you rest assured a well-enclosed shoe for a perfect fit. The midsole is well cushioned to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the wearing period.


  • Has a multi-terrain traction system thus can be worn on most areas
  • Ensures solid footing with the multi-zone tread pattern
  • Its midsole is lightweight to keep you comfortable
  • Absorbs any form of shock to keep your foot safe


  • The tongue sticks out sometimes

#2. Merrell Removable Insole Moab Women's 2-Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Whether it’s during hot or cold weather, you can go hiking with Merrell women’s hiking shoes. They are waterproof to seal out any water particles and breathable to allow moisture to escape to keep your feet dry at all times. The high-performance rubber sole is well designed to ensure that you are stable on a slippery surface and remain durable for long. With each step, you might be prone to stressing your feet, but the targeted heel cushioning is here to curb all that. Additionally, it has removable insoles that make it easier for regular wash-ups. The protective rubber toe cap keeps your feet safer in rougher terrains, such as rocky places.


  • Ideal during the wet morning when camping as they are waterproof
  • Offers excellent traction force to keep you more comfortable
  • The rubber sole keeps you stable on slippery surfaces
  • Designed from high-grade and durable materials


  • A little bit heavier compared to Solomon brands

#1. Salomon More Stable & Safer Descent Women's X 3 Mid GTX W Hiking Boot

Salomon hiking shoe is the best desirable brand for an excellent hiking experience. This hiking wear only weighs up to 570g, assuring you of the easiest journey with nothing substantial on your foot. It has a rubber toe cap that protects your feet from any harm in harsh environments. The heel area has a special pattern to give you more control while walking around. This shoe can be worn when out hiking or out in the yard around home. They are designed from super high-quality synthetic materials that are well known for their durability. Moreover, they have a waterproof ability to keep your feet dry even when it is raining or during wet mornings.


  • Super strong laces allow you to tighten your shoe
  • Well-cushioned to keep your feet warm when cold
  • Has optimum cushioning to keep you comfortable
  • They’re lightweight to keep you more comfortable


  • The soles are a bit stiffer

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Women’s Hiking Boot


Of course, hiking boots are complex and different from your dress shoes or running shoes since every part is needed. First, the upper section’s materials need to be breathable, durable, weight, and water-resistant. For heavy-duty hiking boots, usually use heavier materials like Nubuck, full-grain leather, or synthetic fabrics. Midsole offer cushioning for the entire part of your feet. Some of the materials that are characterized by the midsole include; Ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA for greater support.


Hiking boots can be grouped into backpacking boots and day hiking boots. The latter is lighter and comfortable, yet they provide low traction and outsole protection as to backpacking boots. The former is ideal for recreational activities trips that don’t need you to carry heavy weight or do strenuous stretches. The design is an essential factor that you ought to consider before accepting a deal.


You also need to consider the fit. If you need a pair of hiking boots that will offer you maximum comfort, finding the fit is paramount. There are hiking boots designed to fit narrow feet so that it wouldn’t serve the purpose for people with flat or wider feet. And because women seem to have different foot strides and structures, it significant to find the pair that fits you comfortably.


Hiking boots ought to stand the test of time. This, therefore, means that the materials used to make it should be high-quality. If you wish your boots to become durable, ensure the outsole is tough and strong to withstand the harsh terrain. Ideally, the outsole should be made from rubber or carbon materials.


We hope that this post has helped you find the excellent women’s hiking boots for your needs. If you want to enjoy your entire hiking experience, you need to grab one of the above hiking boots. They’re of high-quality, reliable, and best of all, budget-friendly. If you’re buying the boots for the first time, we’ve also taken into account your needs and offered you a list of considerations to enable you to purchase the right pair. What’s more, the pros and cons featured on each product will allow you to make a decision based on your needs. With that in mind, we’re sure that you’ll single-out the best hiking boots that meet all your desires!

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